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Filming of the film 'Detectives of the Blue Building' begins

Film based on the acclaimed children's series is already in production


Blue Building Detectives (DPA), national production of the children's channel Gloob, will become a film. With direction André Pellenz (who is also responsible for the TV series and the film “Minha Mãe é Uma Parte”), the production started to be shot this Monday, January 16, in Rio de Janeiro, and brings from television, where it has accumulated 8 seasons , for the cinemas, the playful universe of mysteries and adventures of three inseparable friends who gather in a secret club to investigate the strange events of the building where they live.

In the feature, Bento (Anderson Lima), Sun (Leticia Braga) and Pippo (Pedro Henriques Motta) will join forces to save the Blue Building from demolition. While unraveling the mysteries that condemned the building, they must deal with the feared landlord, Dona Leocádia (Tamara Taxman), which appears to be under the effect of a powerful spell. In the improvised mobile club, they wear their capes and become the Detectives of the Blue Building. But on this important mission, in which the building's future is at risk, they will not be alone. The trio will count on the help of veteran detectives: Tom (Caio Manhente), Mila (Leticia Pedro) and Capim (Cauê Campos), in addition to the disturbed doorman Severino (Ronaldo Reis).

The feature film is a production of Paris Entertainment in co-production with Gloob and the Globo Films and will premiere in July 2017.



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