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Comparison Film vs. Book: 'Bird Box'


The film Bird Box (Bird Box) was launched in the Netflix, on the 21st of December and in just one week since its debut, the feature reached the mark of over 45 million views, making the production Original Netflix largest audience in the history of the streaming. An unprecedented fact, after all, Netflix it does not disclose its numbers and it is understood when something is canceled, suddenly, it is due to low visualization or when the budget is high and does not follow popular interest.

Since when was it reported that Sandra Bullock would be the protagonist of the feature, fans of the actress hoped she would deliver a Malorie as it was described in the book and that also, the adaptation was entirely or the best possible, faithful to the original work. Written by Josh Malerman, the book is considered a novel – as it is smaller than a novel and larger than a short story -, and launched to the then budding author in the publishing market in 2014. In Brazil, the publisher Intrinsic acquired the publication rights of the work.

As not everything is perfect, there are differences (whether large or small) of books and films, as well as created scenes, altered information or vice versa. Check below, some of the main differences of Bird Box.

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And it can compromise your experience of reading the book or watching the movie

For the film, the names of some characters changed:

Shannon - Jessica
Don - Douglas
George - Greg

Malorie, Tone, Olympia, Cheryl and Gary were the only names that did not change. Lucy and Charlie do not exist in the book. Jules and Victor, the dog, are not in the movie.

In the movie, Shannon / Jessica (Sarah Paulson) is in the car when he sees one of the creatures. She causes an accident and then throws herself in front of a truck. In the book, at home, Shannon / Jessica sees one of the creatures through the window that was momentarily open and Malorie he finds his sister on the bathroom floor, with her face turned to the ceiling and scissors stuck in her chest.

In the movie, Malorie (Sandra Bullock) finds the home of Riverbridge * after the car accident caused by your sister, Jessica, during chaos. In the book, Malorie think Riverbridge through an ad in the newspaper, shortly after the death of Shannon. In the movie, George / Greg (BD Wong) is still alive. In the book, George / Greg had died after seeing the camera footage – this scene even appeared in the film, but in the book it was the Tone, because George / Greg was already dead when Malorie arrived at Riverbridge.

* Riverbridge is where the house where Malorie lives with other people.

The death of George / Greg also changed. In the film, he was tied to the chair in the office, upstairs, where he watched the security cameras through the computer monitor. He went crazy and the chair fell, causing him to hit his head on the stone and thus, he died. In the book, it was also tied, but he forced it so hard that the strings went through the muscles and reached his bones.

In the movie, Malorie, Tone (Trevante Rhodes), Don / Douglas (John Malkovich), Charlie (Lil Rel Howery) and Lucy (Rosa Salazar), go out to look for food in the market. Felix (Colson “Machine Gun Kelly” Baker) and Lucy run away together and take the car. In the book, only Tone and Jules they leave through the neighborhood. It is at that moment that they find two Siberian Husky dogs and a box with two birds. Still in the book, Lucy does not exist, Felix stays until the end and dies with the others.

In the book, over the days, the survivors come up with a scheme to get out of the house and fetch water from the well. Only they feel that the creatures are around them and the scenes described by Malerman, are tense and did not go to the final version of the film. Still in the soap opera, the group only finds out about Gary during childbirth Malorie and Olympia. The confusion begins and Don / Douglas ends up removing the covers from the windows and opening the doors so that the creatures could enter.

In the film, there are only three birds. In the book, there are two birds and three dogs, but the two Siberian Huskies die in the middle of the confusion. One of the most tense scenes in the book, which they failed to reproduce in a dignified way in the film, is Malorie it's from Olympia. They spent the entire time upstairs in the house, listening to the desperate screams of Tone, Jules, Cheryl, Felix and dogs.

On the deaths: in the book, Cheryl his body is contorted; Felix with holes in the face; Jules with five bloody bands; Don / Douglas is found on the kitchen floor and Tone, the death was not explained, but the author Josh Malerman describes that Malorie I wouldn't be able to identify him. Still on the deaths, in the film, Olympia (Danielle Macdonald) is thrown out the window, only. While in the book, he also throws himself out the window and hangs himself with the umbilical cord of his newborn baby.

In the book, Victor, the only surviving dog, gets Malorie for a while until on one of his trips to get supplies, he ends up seeing a creature. The author shockingly describes how the animal started to hurt itself to kill itself. The scene is very strong.

Still in the book, the scene of Malorie with Boy (Julian Edwards) and Girl (Vivien Lyra Blair) in the river, is tense. The author knew how to create, in a brilliant way, a psychological terror to envy many renowned authors. In addition, the River Man (Happy Anderson) never attacks the boat. Just laugh, make jokes and leave. The same goes for the creature, which never drops them in the river, only for the boat and touches the fabric that covered the eyes of Malorie.

Another very sad scene in the book is when Tone and Jules enter a house and Tone finds a boy sitting on the bed, eyes open and mouth open. He had starved to death. Before, he saw his parents die and put them together with a written paper DeScanSSe IN Pas.

In the movie, Tone help Malorie taking care of the children and they stay together for a while. In the book, Tone and Malorie never had an affective relationship. Malorie She took care of the children herself, made the house safe again, cleaned up all the blood, buried all the bodies and trained the children – in other words, a big ass!

In the book, the school for the blind had outsiders who saw but plucked / pierced their eyes so as not to see the creature. When the thing entered the place, they lost many people, including Malorie is frightened by this and is a little wary.

There are still other big differences and important details, for example, Malorie considers the possibility of blindness Boy and Girl still babies, which obviously was not for the final scene of the film.

Bird Box is available in the Netflix, while the book, I hope you'll be lucky enough to find a copy in some bookstore, used bookstore or digital bookstores – since the movie's premiere, the copies sold out, even those that were in stock and showcase. And remember: don't open your eyes – unless it's to read the book or watch the movie.



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