5 comic book characters that deserve a +18 movie


The films based on comics have gained different tones for different tastes, including films that were initially considered children's, today they have several options pleasing all audiences, with some of them aimed at more adult audiences such as Logan, Deadpool, Joker and The Suicide Squad. With the success of these features, this type of production may become more frequent in our daily lives, check out five characters that could win their adult version.

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Solomon Grundy

Imagine a feature that mixes Mafia, exploited workers, people in search of a dream and terror. Solomon Grundy is the character with this potential, the reincarnation of Cyrus Gold it's much more than a huge zombie with super strength. As a child, Cyrus' parents moved to Gotham in pursuit of the dream of becoming rich, but like most real-life stories, the family project didn't work out very well, the young man's father had to take a job on the Gotham docks where he was often treated badly.

Disillusioned with reality far from ideal, Senior Gold (Cyrus' father) took out his anger constantly on the boy with aggressions and curses, tired of seeing that, the young man's mother abandoned him. Some time later the young man went after his father and saw him die in front of him, from there the boy promised that one day he would become rich as his father dreamed, and one day he met a mysterious man who swore a lot of money to him, once Cyrus swore loyalty to him until his death.

Cyrus became an assassin, and killed his own mother to get revenge for being abandoned as a child.
On one occasion when he was burying one of his victims in the swamp, he was attacked by people who were there to avenge one of his former victims, and during the action the character commits suicide, thus breaking the contract he made when he was a child.

Cyrus' body was swallowed by the swamp and was there for 50 years, after which time he returned with no memory of his life under the name Solomon Grundy.

Ghost Rider

the nickname of Ghost Rider at Marvel has already been assumed by several different characters, and this nickname is adopted by characters who have their bodies possessed by the devil. Zarathus the spirit of revenge.
The character has had two films in the past produced by Sony, Where Johnny Blaze was interpreted by Nicolas Cage, and an appearance in Agent’s of shield with Robbie Reyes (Gabriel Luna), but despite the character having this dark charge, the film does not approach violently to the point of being rated for majors.

In the essence of the character's stories, the vast majority of the character's villains are demons, in addition there is also the look of penance, when the Biker is able to make the victim feel the same pain he caused someone, it would fit perfectly in a movie geared towards action and psychological horror.

The Maskara

O mask became popular with the film and cartoon of the 90s, and perhaps the view of the general public is that which was shown in these works, of a more playful character extremely oriented to humor with his grimaces, but in the comics the character's story is a bit different.

The first difference is linked to the artifact, rather than a Nordic mask of 5, in the original story the artifact originated in Africa. The changes are also in the personality, in the comics Maskára is even more violent with its victims and has an extremely acidic and sadistic humor, it would be the ideal character for a bloodthirsty comedy in the best style of Deadpool and The Suicide Squad.

Jennifer Blood

It's impossible to think of comics aimed at an adult audience without remembering Garth Ennis, among the artist's creations are comics such as The Boys and Preacher. Another creation by the artist is Jennifer Blood, a housewife dedicated to her family, but at night becomes a relentless vigilante against crime, the character's comics are drawn by the Brazilian Adriano Batista and could generate a good action movie in the best style Tarantino.


The character is always remembered when it comes to this, and could not be left out of this list, the Punisher has already had some audiovisual adaptations, the most recent in the series produced by Netflix, but after the cancellation the character fell into limbo.

Taking into account this new phase of Marvel where the studio seems to be proposing to take more risks in its narratives, it would be a good character for this approach, and taking into account some speculations that point to the return of Charlie Cox how Matt Mudrock in Marvel, the same movement could be performed with the return of Jon Bernthal.



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