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Check out 5 series on Starzplay to celebrate LGBTQIA+ pride

June 28 is the LGBTQIA+ Pride Day, the traditional parades, celebrations and, of course, a lot of struggle for respect and equality. As we still can't go to the streets to celebrate, we've prepared a list with 5 series on the theme to marathon! see below


The drama series, which highlights the universe of gays and Latinos in Los Angeles, focuses on two Mexican-American sisters from the east side of the Californian city, who couldn't be more different and distant from each other. Circumstances make them return to their old neighborhood, where they face the past and inherit a bar from their lesbian mother. The series was written by Latin writers from the LGBTQIA+ community.

High Fidelity

A reimagining of the novel by Nick Hornby and in the eponymous film, the series tells the story from a female perspective. Centered on Rob, character of Zoe Kravitz, a bisexual black woman, record store owner obsessed with pop culture and Top Five lists — a feminine take on the character played in the film by John Cusack — talks straight into the camera while recounting past relationships.

little birds

The series follows the New York heiress Lucy Savage, fresh off a transatlantic ship and ready for love and marriage in an exotic climate. But when her husband Hugo doesn't receive her the way she expected, she turns to the surprising, diverse, and degenerate world of Tangier in 1955. This isn't a period drama about a naive foreigner. Instead, little birds is a modern tale about a woman getting lost and finding herself again. What Lucy discovers is a world in motion, a country teetering on the brink of independence, populated by a myriad of characters, such as the provocative dominatrix Cherifa Lamour, who particularly captivate Lucy's imagination. Come follow this trip!

Step Up: High Water

Inspired by the franchise “Ela Dança, Eu Danço”, Step Up: High Water revolves around two brothers, Such and Janelle, who leave the suburbs of Ohio to enter the world of dance. Enthusiastic about the city's cultural scene, the two young men try to navigate their new world, doing everything they can to join a coveted and passionate arts school, the High Water Performing Arts School. But they soon discover that it won't be easy to fulfill their dreams on and off the dance floor. As a biracial and gay youth, dancing represents acceptance in Tal's life. 

Now Apocalypse

Considered a work of "New Queer Cinema", Now Apocalypse is a series about sexuality and identity, and focuses on bisexual Ulysses and his friends' quest for love, sex and fame as they try to get along in LA. Between sexual and romantic adventures, Ulysses becomes increasingly disturbed by precognitive dreams that make him wonder if there's some sort of dark and monstrous conspiracy going on – or if he's just smoking too much weed.

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