Tuesday, 1, December, 2020
Start Series News Check 7 contagion series to stay informed during quarantine

Check 7 contagion series to stay informed during quarantine

The pandemic has changed everyday life around the world, but one thing remains the same: the
escape from the population has been entertainment. We have already listed here some movie tips with
the contagion theme, now, for those who like to be in the expectation and emotion of
at the end of an episode, we made a list of series that address the same theme.

Check below 7 series to watch safely, without a mask, without gloves, but without forgetting the gel alcohol.

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1. Kingdom

The South Korean series tells the story of a young prince who takes on the mission of discovering
the cause of an epidemic that hit the local population. In addition to bloody discoveries and the
fighting for survival, the prince will also need to protect his entire kingdom. The series has 2
seasons and each with six episodes.

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