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Check out HyperX news at BGS 2018

A 500m² stand will have a free-to-play area with several stations equipped with HyperX gaming accessories and an Alpha Experience space for virtual reality

· Arena 5×5 will have League of Legends matches between teams sponsored by HyperX and challenges between youtubers and professional and amateur eSports players

· New are the HyperX Alloy FPS RGB keyboard, the HyperX Cloud Earbuds in-ear headphones and the HyperX Fury RGB and HyperX Savage EXO SSDs.

HyperX, Kingston's gaming division, participates for the seventh consecutive year in the Brasil Game Show, the largest games fair in Latin America, which takes place from October 10th to 14th, at Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo. HyperX's stand, which is always one of the busiest at the fair, will have 500m² and will be filled with attractions for visitors, who will be able to try out the entire line of the brand's products, play freely on 36 PC stations and 12 console stations. , and have fun in the virtual reality Alpha Experience space. The stand will also have a 5×5 arena where professional League of Legends teams sponsored by HyperX and famous youtubers from the gamer universe will pass, interacting and challenging the audience. At BGS, HyperX will also launch four products: the HyperX Alloy FPS RGB keyboard, the HyperX Cloud Earbuds in-ear headphones, and the HyperX Savage EXO and HyperX Fury RGB SSDs.

“With each BGS we seek to deliver a more complete and immersive experience to the public”, says Paulo Vizaco, executive director of Kingston/HyperX in Brazil. “This year, in addition to bringing various activities in the free-to-play area and on stage, such as the youtubers Damiani, Coisa Nerd and CID Não Salvo, we made a point of launching four products during the fair”.

Free-to-play area with PCs, consoles and virtual reality

The HyperX booth will have several gaming stations for the public to enjoy at will, such as a free-to-play area for League of Legends and Fortnite with 36 PCs equipped with the brand's products (headsets, keyboards, mice, mousepads, SDDs and memory modules), 12 consoles (six PlayStation 4 and six Xbox One) with great games, such as Fifa 19, Fortnite, Forza Horizon and Spider-Man, and the Alpha Experience area of virtual reality, where the public can experience the concept HyperX full immersion in the game.

Arena 5×5 with League of Legends, CS: GO and Fortnite


In the 5×5 arena, there will be demonstration matches between Brazilian League of Legends teams sponsored by HyperX (CNB, Pro Gaming, RED Canids and Team One), and activities with the players brTT, Minerva, Sacy, Rakin and Takeshi. Youtubers Coisa de Nerd, Damiani, CID Não Salvo, Cherrygumms, Pai Also Plays, Flakes and Atchiin will also interact with the public and play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Fortnite and Overwatch matches. All machines in the arena will be equipped with HyperX's LED-lit RGB products.

Four releases during BGS

HyperX will launch four products at BGS: the HyperX Alloy FPS RGB Keyboard, the HyperX Cloud Earbuds In-Ear Headphones, and the HyperX Fury RGB and HyperX Savage EXO Solid State Drives (SSDs).

The keyboard and the new phone can be purchased at the HyperX store mounted on the stand at promotional prices of R$ 589.90 and R$ 224.90, respectively. SSDs will be sold exclusively through the KaBuM website! from the start of the event.

HyperX Store

At the store set up at the HyperX booth at BGS, visitors will be able to discover and purchase the brand's complete line of products, which includes headsets, keyboards, mice, mousepads, SSDs, memories and flash drives, in addition to clothing.

HyperX is at its core the We're All Gamers! and relentlessly seeks to meet or exceed the expectations of gamers, whether casual or professional, with each launch of headsets, keyboards, mice, mousepads or memory devices.

Further information about HyperX and its products is available at


HyperX at Brasil Game Show (BGS 2018)

Date: From October 10th to 14th, 2018

Location: Expo Center Norte – Avenida 3 X Rua C

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