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Check out the new trailer for 'Sin City: The Fatal Lady'

Sin City a dama fatal

The new, and short, trailer of Sin City: The Fatal Lady (Sin City: A Dame to Kill For).

Check out:

Continuation of Sin City - The City of Sin, the feature will once again be based on three stories from Frank Miller, with the difference that only one has been released commercially in comics: Dama Fatal. Not much is known about the other stories, only that one of them will be called The Long, Bad Night. The plot will revolve around Dwight McCarthy (Josh Brolin), a man who begins to be hunted by Ava Lord (Eva Green), the only woman he ever loved, and sees his life turn to hell.

The cast also has Joseph Gordon-Levitt , Juno TempleJessica AlbaBruce WillisJamie Chung , Mickey Rourke and Rosario Dawson.

With direction Robert Rodriguez in partnership with Frank Miller, Sin City: The Fatal Lady opens on September 11.

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