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Check out the Alien franchise games that were canceled due to Disney's purchase of Fox

When the Disney acquired the Fox, it not only shook the film and TV industry, but also deprived players of two new Alien who might as well have rekindled the franchise. These projects had a lot of potential, but were effectively canceled when the Mickey's House took control.

Two developers revealed concepts for their Alien games that never saw the light of day this week. Both installations of the canceled projects also look very intriguing and may have been some impressive additions to the vast library of Alien titles released to players.

Not long ago, it was revealed that the developer Cliff Bleszinski and his studio were talking to create a first person shooter with the main character being Newt of Aliens. This version of the game would have grown and lived on Earth, completely ignoring the events of the Alien 3. Ripley would also be involved in helping Newt in a similar way to how Cortana helped the Master Chief on the Serie Halo. History would show the corporation Weyland-Yutani trying to arm Xenomorphs in what he describes as a “Black Mesa style installation”(Mesa even), where the aliens obviously escape and all chaos occurs.

Bleszinski’s surprising surprise caught the eye of another game developer, Frederik Schreiber, vice president of 3D Realms. He claims that they were well ahead of pre-production on a project entitled Alien: Hadleys Hope. It would be a four-player cooperative FPS. The goal would be for players to clear levels with relentless swarms of aliens before facing the queen. It would happen on a planet that served as a breeding ground for several queens and their deadly hives.

These games look extremely interesting and it is very bad that they have been canceled. The franchise generated great titles that fans revered as Alien: Isolation and some forgettable ones like Aliens: Colonial Marines. And even though we never know what kind of game Newt or Alien: Hadleys Hope fits, what we do know is that the future of Alien ownership is very, very unclear at the moment.


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