The sestini, specialized in bags, backpacks and travel bags, presents the Magic Echo that brings sustainability as a premise in its DNA. Produced with recycled 100% polyester, approximately 12 500 ml PET bottles are used to make each backpack. The brand seeks to align itself with the new standards of sustainability and global behavior.

By reusing the material, the company also contributes to reducing the consumption of water, energy and raw materials derived from petroleum, as well as reducing the amount of waste generated. “The manufacturing process of our backpacks helps to minimize the production of new fabrics and dyes, which are also harmful to the planet. It is our commitment as a company in search of a better environment for all of us”, comments Regina Schneidewind, executive director of the network.

In addition to being sustainable, this model has all the tricks that are unique to Sestini Magic, which are; foamed back straps, which provide greater comfort for the shoulders, pocket with card strip on the strap for quick access, ideal space for the cell phone with headphone organizer, hand strap, hidden pocket on the back and internal and side divisions , in addition to a zipper with a special anti-theft lock, ideal for keeping your belongings safe.


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