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Start HQ News Discover “Anarchy”, by Emílio Baraçal

Discover “Anarchy”, by Emílio Baraçal

Anarchy begins the saga of the character who has two major challenges ahead. The first is to fight for privacy and individual rights, something that was lost after the NSA / Wikileaks / Edward Snowden scandal; the second is to rise up against the socioeconomic cream, obtaining evidence of embezzlement, legislative favoring and other situations of abuse of power.

Conheça “Anarquia”, de Emílio Baraçal 1
Anarchy cover signed by Danilo Beyruth (Mauricio de Sousa's Astronaut)

A furious war for the future of society is underway. For most, this war is invisible. The internet is being made the most dangerous facilitator of totalitarianism ever seen. It is against mass surveillance and corruption that Anarchy will fight. It is a police series inspired by espionage plots, such as the Jason Bourne film trilogy, played by Matt Damon and the film Enemy of the State, with Will Smith and Gene Hackman.

HQ is written by Emílio Baraçal and illustrated by several artists. The first arch featured drawings by Eduardo Vienna, Geanes Holland, Celso Ricardo, Hélio Oliveira, Éder Messias and Leo Rodrigues; artwork by Carlos Eduardo Ferreira, Denis DYM Freitas, Eduardo Vienna, Hélio Oliveira, Mano Araújo and Osvaldo Ferreira; colors of Salvatore Aiala, Thiago Ribeiro, Débora Caritá, Osvaldo Ferreira, Tiago Mariano, Beto Menezes and Dijjo Lima; lyrics by Deyvison Manes and Gustavo Pinheiro. Covers by Danilo Beyruth, Geanes Holland, José Luís, Bruno Oliveira and Thony Silas.

Conheça “Anarquia”, de Emílio Baraçal 2
Promotional art: Felipe Watanabe pencil and colors by Salvatore Aiala

Digital and print versions

Each arc contains four editions.

After the digital publication of the fourth edition of a bow, the one of the corresponding bow is published in a printed version in a bound format. In other words, each “Anarchy” book has a complete story in four parts. Something fantastic for those who can't wait and can read both versions, both digital and printed. And also save it in your collection.

Conheça “Anarquia”, de Emílio Baraçal 3

So far, a book, “Anarquia vol. 1 - Three Sides for Each Story ”. It does not stop there. According to Emílio Baraçal:

“Now we want to produce the vol. 2, which will be called “The House of Horrors”. This new arc will tell the story of how Anarchy is going to dismantle an alliance between drug dealers, a militia, judges and prosecutors who use an abandoned mansion as a drug laboratory, which was once a psychiatric hospital and today totally innocent needy families live there. It is based on the real Casarão Anchieta, in Santos, which even has the name 'A Casa dos Horrores' due to its confirmed stories of very inhumane actions with patients during their years of activity. ”

HQ Anaquia is digitally published free of charge in this Android application, click here.

And you can also follow the Facebook page: click here.

Check out the videos below, a little more about Anarchy.


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