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Vertagear arrives in Brazil with premium line of gamer chairs

World leader in the category is represented in the country by Evergame and already arrives with ten models.

Vertagear, the world leader in premium chairs for gamers, has just announced its official return to the Brazilian market through the hands of Evergame, a company based in Santos-SP that for more than a decade has represented major brands in the electronic games industry in the country and that is responsible for Force One, Vertagear's national brand of gaming chairs. With a line of high quality products, Vertagear is globally recognized for the ergonomics, design and comfort of its chairs and also stands out for its attention to the smallest details, which guarantee the best experience for users from the first touch. In Brazil, the brand's portfolio already has ten models, each with several color options, which can be seen in the official site.

“The Brazilian market is very important and strategic for Vertagear, because in addition to having a passionate and faithful gamer community, it is the largest country in Latin America, a region that has been showing excellent results in recent years,” said Martin Llanos, sales manager and marketing manager at Vertagear. "Now, with the partnership we have entered into with Evergame and Force One, we are certain that we will have a great presence in Brazil, which only tends to grow".

“Vertagear is an extremely careful brand with every detail of its chairs and this will certainly please Brazilian players, who are very demanding. We have already started work in the country with a broad portfolio to promptly serve users with different needs, and we will expand this variety even further in the coming months. We are excited and confident about the partnership, ”said João Paulo Martins, commercial director at Evergame.

Many options for demanding players

Users of different weights and heights, with varied routines and objectives, will find a Vertagear chair model suitable to their profile, always with a lot of ergonomics and quality. In Brazil, there are seven racing style options (PL1000, PL4500, PL6000, SL1000, SL2000, SL4000 and SL5000), inspired by racing car seats, which have a high back and a design that provides safety and comfort in each area of contact with the body. All models are filled with premium high-strength UPHR foam, PVC synthetic leather lining with polyurethane, technology that facilitates assembly and a series of customization features for moving the arms, backrests, height, among other parts.

The other three models available in Brazil are from the Triigger line (275, 350 and 350SE) stand out for the meticulous construction of each element, flexibility and advanced ergonomics, providing more immersion and comfort even in long gaming marathons. Extremely resistant and durable, the chairs of the Triigger family, have a structure in aluminum alloy (frame and base) and steel alloy (mechanisms), backrest with reinforced DuPont TPEE mesh and support up to 200kg.

Vertagear chairs are available in different colors in the official site brand and have prices starting at R$1,999.00.



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