Get to know the story of Mariana, Chico Bento's sister


Many do not know because they do not know the story or because they missed a detail. It has long been presented to us in a story and it is natural to “forget”. Chico Bento, character created by Mauricio de Sousa, is not an only child as many imagine. He had a little sister, the Mariana, who died when he was a baby. Sad, isn't it? But it happens in the best families, even those in comic books.

In the story, Mariana is a star - please do not confuse with Estrelinha Mágica, from the 1988 animation - and appeared for the first time in Chico Bento magazine in 1990. She asked the other stars to be reborn as a human and help planet Earth to be a better home. It was then that she was born as the daughter of Mrs. Cotinha and Seu Tonico, parents of Chico Bento.

Mariana, the younger sister of Chico Bento | Reproduction: Mauricio de Sousa

The comic does not give many details about, but it shows that she lived a beautiful friendship with her brother, although brief. Mariana suddenly falls ill and unfortunately does not resist, dying as a baby and bringing a deep sadness to the family, of course. With that, she returns to be a star with a brighter glow than before, so that the family knows that she will always be with them.

In 2000, the story was republished and pleased the public and a “continuation” was created. Chico Bento celebrates his birthday and Mariana comes to Earth to visit her brother. Chico is the narrator of this sequence and says that the reunion was brief and complete, saying that it was the best anniversary of his life and that as a present, his sister left him the hope of a future reunion. And in fact, it happens.

Mariana in the 70 years of Mauricio de Sousa | Reproduction: Mauricio de Sousa

In the young-adult versions of the class, Chico Bento also wins a version. Entitled Chico Bento Moço, shows the life of the grown up character and how he deals with his adult dramas. In one edition, he marries Rose, his childhood girlfriend and after the relationship, she becomes pregnant. Mariana is reborn as the couple's daughter. In 2005, Mariana makes a brief appearance, in star shape, to commemorate Mauricio de Sousa's 70s.

Beautiful story, no, although sad? Below, you can watch the stories in video format: A little star called Mariana and The gift of a little star.



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