Friday, 30, October, 2020

Who ever imagined seeing Neymar Jr. stamping the pages of a comic book? This has already happened, of course, when Mauricio de Sousa inserted the soccer player in a magazine that took his own name, with the more than special participation of Monica's Gang. It seems that the experience pleased the boy, who decided to create “his own publisher”, the Neymar JR Comics.

It is not quite a publisher, it is a website / digital platform where it gathers the player's HQs - now, comic book character. With some materials already published, Neymar became the protagonist of his own story, no pun intended. In Inked (slang meaning tattooed, in English), the athlete is an ordinary boy who likes to play ball. Of humble origin, Junior, as he is called in the story, finds out that he has superpowers through a lion tattoo on one hand.

The discovery comes when a heavy bar gang kidnaps his younger sister, Mariana - in real life, the sister of Neymar it's called Rafaella. The young man is assaulted and when admitted to the hospital to treat his injuries, he meets a caretaker, who gives him some advice and the same goes in search of rescuing the girl.

The series entitled Inked: Art comes alive, has three volumes and one more Where it all began. In addition, fans can read the spin off Inked: The Lion and the Girl, also with three volumes. The purchase of all comics can be done through the website - click here to purchase and learn more. All of them are available, so far, in virtual format for the price of US$ 0.99 - with the exception of Where it all began, which is available for free through a registration. The series spin off, is in “reserve” mode, with a launching date, still for September.

Published by the American studio Fan the Flame, directed by the former Skin, Chris Flannery, the stories will be published in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French. The second and third volumes of Art comes alive is expected to launch on the next 3 October and 7 November, respectively. Jason M. Burns signs the script; Fernando Peniche, art and Dustin Evans, the colorings.


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