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Meet Nanotale, a typing RPG

Available in Brazilian Portuguese, the game invites adventurers to explore a troubled fantasy world, using their typing skills.


The independent developer Fishing Cactus announced that your RPG typing, nanotale, will leave Early Access and will be released on Steam on March 31st. Spiritual successor to the acclaimed typing adventure Epistory, Nanotale invites players to explore a troubled fantasy world, using their typing skills to cast powerful spells, manipulate the environment and defeat enemies in an attempt to save the world.

“We are very excited to reveal that Nanotale will be released in just two weeks!” he said Bruno Urban, CEO of Fishing Cactus. “We listened to the community during Early Access and are now proud to release the full version with enhanced performance, breathtaking cinematics and voice acting, new powers and biomes to discover! Add Nanotale to your Steam Wishlist today so you don't miss the release on the 31st!”.

Nanotale tells the fascinating story of a world on the brink of destruction as the heart of magic grows weaker by the minute. Players take on the role of a rookie archivist, Rosalind, who sets out on a journey to the magical valley to collect plant and rock samples, as well as catalog mysterious occurrences in an attempt to unlock the secrets surrounding Earth's impending demise.

Nanotale offers a mix of typing adventure and RPG as players encounter and interact with other characters, solve various puzzles and unleash magical powers to defeat enemies. The game attracts players with its unique mechanics as everything is accomplished using just the keyboard, challenging players to hone their typing skills throughout the adventure. Nanotale will be available in several languages, including Brazilian Portuguese.

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