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Meet SigridWave, game translator from Acer

The Acer presents the SigridWave, an AI-based real-time translator for Planet9, its modern platform for esports. SigridWave was specially designed to deal with the terminology and language used by the gamer within games. Acer also presents a series of updates for the Planet9 with a focus on competitive play, and, in particular, the possibility of creating team or brand clubs and implementing a framework for organizing tournaments.

Planet9 is an open community where amateur and professional gamers have the necessary tools to take their game to the next level, helping them to participate in the competitive scene, receive objective insights about their gameplay and find players who share the same spirit. As esports would not exist without an audience, Planet9 also strives to provide teams and brands with the necessary tools to develop their communities, organize tournaments and interact with fans.

Planet9 - Acer's advanced esports platform

Planet9 is a state-of-the-art esports platform, partly competitive and partly social, created to offer an open community to casual players and amateurs who want to improve their skills and become professional. The platform helps players to interact with other people through teams and clubs; improve your skills with detailed feedback on your gameplay in the form of statistics and training[1]; and experiencing organized gameplay, with casual or ranked matches, and competitive tournaments for most games. Overlays will be available for League of Legends between late 2020 and early 2021, and support will be made available for other titles in the future.

SigridWave - An AI-based, gamer-trained game translator

SigridWave is an AI-based real-time game translator that uses deep learning to overcome language barriers and facilitate communication between players around the world. Integrated with the Planet9 desktop client, SigridWave starts during game lobby and then functions as a customizable overlay. During a game, SigridWave employs technology Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) to recognize speech and convert it to text. This text is then processed by technology Neural Machine Translation (NMT), which has so far been trained with more than 10 million pairs of bilingual phrases, allowing you to understand the terminology associated with specific games (like “ADS” or “camping”) and learn the way players express themselves.

Context is a major obstacle in machine translation: many words carry more than one meaning, and computers find it difficult to discern which translation is the most appropriate, since they are unable to interpret the nuances of language. Designed specifically for games, the SigridWave AI has been trained with over 1,000 hours of gamer jargon so far (voice and text), allowing detected messages to be transmitted accurately in a language the user understands.

SigridWave will have a closed beta version in the fourth quarter of 2020, during which time it will be available for translation between English and Mandarin languages in several of the main FPS games, such as Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.

Teams - Connect with players who share the same vision

A social platform in essence, Planet9 seeks to help players interact with others who have similar skills and aspirations. From there, players can create and register a team on the website, or search for a team to join. Planet9 will also help teams recruit players, considering factors like added games, ranking, region and language to identify team partners. As soon as a team is assembled, a private team page is created on the platform to serve as a central hub for everyone involved. In addition to maintaining a game history and statistics for further analysis and discussion, the team hub includes a number of resources to help keep everything organized: a panel for discussions and polls, a group calendar to schedule matches, a guide to follow up team funding and a directory with basic statistics on all members.

Clubs - Follow the news of your favorite teams

Since many people play not just for fun, but also for interaction, the feature Club by Planet9 was created to help players keep up with their favorite groups, be they big names in the gaming world or a local university team. The Clubs area is divided into two parts: a public "home" for followers and a private "lounge" for members. The home page is a space for sharing content (posts, polls, videos, etc.) and interacting with the community; while the lounge is a space to relax and discuss club-related content with a restricted circle of more dedicated members.

Companies, influencers and public figures can also form a club on Planet9, creating a new exclusive point of contact for brands that want to interact with the gamer community. Whether professional or amateur, each club has access to a variety of tools to organize tournaments and develop its own community.

Planet9 recently entered into a partnership with Currys PC World to present Planet9 in its stores in order to encourage esports initiatives in the UK and Ireland. This includes an arena designed especially to give players a chance to see what it is like to join a local gaming club, practicing with teammates and learning from coaches. These arenas will open soon, with a rapid expansion to 30 stores throughout 2021. Each store will open its own club on Planet9 to develop its gamer community, organize tournaments and create a channel for players to showcase their talent.

According to Nick Hayden, Game Director at Currys PC World, “We are delighted to be working with Acer to launch our arenas with Planet9. Teams at the 30 stores can't wait to receive customers in 2021, play for their store club and participate in organizing tournaments. This is just the beginning of our next big step in local esports communities, and we look forward to launching more exciting initiatives like Planet9 in the future ”.

Tournaments - Seek fame or build your audience

Planet9 offers a great infrastructure designed to make the process of organizing and hosting tournaments as simple as possible. Its extensive interface allows a successful tournament to be organized even by inexperienced people, while a series of automation features (registration, key setting, etc.) allow experienced hosts to minimize time spent on tedious activities and focus on offering the best possible event. Tournaments are highly customizable, featuring some preset switching and privacy modes, sponsored ad opportunities and club-defined rewards. When game day arrives, a full “Bracket Master” console helps judges and organizers communicate, set up matches, broadcast to the public and more.


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