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Discover TCL's new models in Brazil

The TCL unveiled the two 20-series smartphones that will hit the Brazilian market in the coming weeks, bringing cutting-edge technology to customers at an affordable price.

The arrival in the country of the flagship of the series and awarded at CES 2021, the TCL 20 Pro 5G, and the world premiere of the TCL 20B in Brazil, along with the new models of tablets and headphones, emphasize the market's relevance for the and highlight the multi-device ecosystem that enables an exceptional user experience through an integration of hardware, software, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), connectivity and cloud services to enable users to take advantage of the maximize their lives anytime, anywhere.

Brazil is one of the most relevant mobile markets in the world in terms of volume and value. This launch highlights TCL's progress in providing affordable and intelligent devices that are essential to promote connection, digital transformation and new opportunities for all Brazilians.

The 20-series products meet consumer aspirations as they share a number of key features delivered through unprecedented technologies designed to meet and exceed user needs. These include 5G technology, visual enhancement with NXTVISION, TCL technology for advanced display on the display, camera innovation and high levels of protection to reduce eyestrain and blue light. Also noteworthy are the long-lasting batteries, fast charging, and enough memory capacity for the user to virtually never have to worry about deleting their most cherished photos. The entire 20 Series line has been verified by Google™ as recommended Android Enterprise devices.

The launch of new mobile devices represents TCL's intensification of its long-term plans for Brazil. A global leader in the manufacture of television and mobile devices, TCL intends to offer Brazilians an increasing range of affordable smartphones, as well as other products, including wireless headphones.

TCL 20 Pro 5G – TCL's best phone so far, with NXTVISION 2.0 technology

Conheça os novos modelos da TCL no Brasil 1
TCL 20 Pro 5G / Disclosure

TCL 20 Pro 5G is the flagship of the 20 Series, designed for style-conscious consumers looking for advanced features and outstanding performance in a sleek, premium device. In addition to 5G connectivity, it offers screen and camera updates designed to take the user experience to new heights.

Featuring a curved 6.67-inch AMOLED display, the TCL 20 Pro 5G delivers a truly immersive viewing experience thanks to TCL's all-new Smart display technology, NXTVISION 2.0, made available by Pixelworks, which delivers the industry's best color accuracy and visual enhancement by recognizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) on-screen content and automatically adjusts color, contrast and sharpness for a more accurate and adaptable calibration. O TCL 20 Pro 5G also plays HDR10 for video streaming.

Along with the optimized display technology, the TCL 20 Pro 5G features a quad rear camera array, with Sony IMX main sensor, as well as lenses for ultra-wide, macro and depth sensors and a 32MP HDR-enabled front camera. Image stabilization helps you capture smooth, sharp images at high resolution, while Backlight Selfie technology eliminates faded photos when the sun is behind you, you're in the shade, or the light isn't too good.

The 4500mAh battery of the TCL 20 Pro 5G provides power for an entire day and fast charging technology makes it easy to get started. There's 256GB of internal storage and microSD capacity of up to 1TB, more than enough to store images and videos without deleting content.

TCL 20B democratizes cutting-edge experiences through technology

the modern TCL 20B is an Android smartphone that combines TCL's superior display technology with 50MP high resolution images and a curved 3D back, which creates an incredible feeling in its handling.

The device's elegance is embodied in a slim 7.99mm body and the 6.52″ NXTVISION screen technology, which excels at displaying movies and when browsing internet content. Its new ultra-sensitive dual rear camera brings the details of shots taken day or night to life. When it comes to storage for high resolution photos or Full HD videos, it brings ample storage of 64GB and easily expands to up to 512GB with a removable microSD card.

All features supported by a battery that will leave users carefree with up to 19 hours of video playback and 121 hours of music playback on a single charge. And when the time comes, it gets back to work faster, with a fast charging capacity of up to 18W, delivering up to 50% of battery life in just 34 minutes.

TCL 20B will soon arrive in Brazil, the country chosen for its world premiere and which helps to democratize technology for everyone. In the coming weeks, prices and availability dates will be announced.

TCL 20L+ and TCL 201, fun and functions combined

The series 20 family gathers in Brazil also introducing two new brothers. The TCL 20L+ is an affordable, feature-packed alternative phone for those looking to combine fun and functionality. Offering a heightened mobile experience, it has enough battery life to last two days and stands out for its screen, advanced photographic features and stunning design.

The 20L+ is one of the first phones to come with Circular Polarization Display technology, which lets you see the screen perfectly while wearing sunglasses. This makes it a great experience even when you're at the beach. It also comes with a 64 megapixel high resolution camera that offers excellent clarity and precise detail.

To complete our 20-series lineup, the TCL 201, which has a five-inch 18:9 screen and is ideal for watching videos on the go. With a curved bezel that offers a comfortable, rounded grip, it was created with an easy and smart user experience in mind. The TCL 201 also has 1 + 32 GB of memory.

“We are very excited to bring our 20 series smartphones to Brazil, putting innovative technology in the hands of Brazilian consumers. We are constantly developing new mobile offerings designed to enhance what our smartphones can do, and providing this quality at affordable prices is our mission as we bring new value to the Brazilian market,” said Stefan Streit, Global Marketing Director for TCL Communication.

TCL KIDS program incorporated in new tablets

In addition to the new 20-series smartphones, TCL is launching in the Brazilian market the TCL TAB 10L it's the TAB 8 Neo as fantastic options, especially for families, including a dedicated Kids mode.

Affordable yet powerful, large screens but feather-light, large memory capacity and external microSD for additional storage, TCL tablets are perfect for streaming video. With stereo speakers, you can immerse yourself in deep, booming sound that delivers a theater-like experience.

For younger family members, our award-winning program TCL KIDS includes interactive, educational and playful content. It offers over 10,000 interesting videos, over 500 storybooks and over 100 learning and entertainment apps for kids. And it makes monitoring capabilities available to parents to keep track of what kids are watching.

Headphones for true sound and motion

To complete the new product portfolio, a true wireless stereo headset, the TCL MOVEAUDIO S108. Each of these headphones weighs just four grams, but delivers high-quality sound and clear calls, a TCL noise-canceling technology called ENC.

Intentionally designed for an active lifestyle, the white headphones are waterproof and sweat proof and designed to deliver a powerful audio experience that can last up to 6 hours on a single charge – and up to 20 hours with the charging case .

Device awarded at CES2021 (TCL 20 Pro 5G)

After showcasing its 20-series smartphone collection earlier this year at CES2021, the world's most influential technology event, TCL has won 32 awards and recognitions for innovation from leading media outlets such as the Best Affordable Phone by Android Authority, the Best wearable, Home Theater, TV and mobile devices of the gadget, as well as the WIRED for the best mobile device and the TechRadar in the list of the best of 2021.

This is an exciting time for TCL in Brazil. All new affordable smartphones, tablets and headphones will allow consumers across the country to enjoy the latest technologies in very affordable price segments. Details of availability dates and pricing will be announced shortly, as will business partners.

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