Monday, 30, November, 2020


Review | Settlement of Accounts - John Grisham

Acerto de Contas is a book that doesn't even seem to have been written by John Grisham. The plot idea is fantastic, but the narrative is tiring like the details of a true trial case.

Review | A Dangerous Fortune - Ken Follett

A Dangerous Fortune has a great history with elements of the struggle for power and betrayal. With a quick read, the book will trap you with its captivating characters.

Review | Marionette- Daniel Cole

Creative and intriguing, Marionette has only one defect: the author's characteristic visual narrative.

Review | Outlander - Echoes of the Future - Diana Gabaldon

The seventh book in the Outlander series, Echoes of the Future has just been released by publisher Arqueiro continuing the journey of Jamie and Claire.

Review: The Sun is also a Star- Nicola Yoon

Nicola Yoon launches yet another interesting book, which addresses relevant issues in simple language.

Review: The Great Illusion- Harlan Coben

  Harlan Coben is an author who needs no introduction. Even with its ups and downs, it has a loyal audience, which will hardly be ...

Review: The Pearl That Broke the Shell- Nadia Hashimi

  Cultural plots always add interesting knowledge to the reader. When they are presented in the midst of complicated life stories, they are able to hold your attention completely, ...

Review: Justice at Any Price - John Grisham

  John Grisham is an author who often makes reading difficult. For being a writer who dives into the universe of law, even more for ...

As soon as the second day of CCXP started and a bomb was thrown at us: the release of the first trailer for the fourth film in the Avengers franchise, ...

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Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay for Xbox Series X / S revealed

CD PROJEKT RED today released the gameplay video running Cyberpunk 2077 on Xbox One X and Xbox Series X.

Review | The Refuge- Mick Kitson

Refúgio could be a deep book and full of relevant questions, but ends up getting lost in a shallow adventure where, however detailed, everything happens very fast and fails to empathize with the reader.

Black November promotion from Razer Gold will give a kit in addition to backpack and chair

Users who recharge at least R$50 during the month of November can compete for the full set of gamers products.
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