Monday, 23, November, 2020

Captain Marvel

Birds of Prey and female-driven heroines

Between DC and Marvel, the protagonists and directors are increasingly present on the big screen. Understand the importance.

Review | Captain Marvel - Taller, Farther, Faster and More

Captain Marvel - Taller, Farther, Faster and More has a great pace for anyone who wants to read something light and fun. With action all the time, the story captures the reader by the script followed.

Captain Marvel | Remember some 90s milestones to prepare for the film

Capitã Marvel se passa nos anos 90. Relembre alguns marcos da época para se preparar para a estreia do filme.

Captain Marvel | Curiosities about the film

Capitã Marvel está chegando aos cinemas. Para ajudar na preparação para essa estreia, separamos algumas curiosidades do filme.

As soon as the second day of CCXP started and a bomb was thrown at us: the release of the first trailer for the fourth film in the Avengers franchise, ...

Captain Marvel: The new subtitled movie trailer is out

A Marvel divulgou o novo trailer legendado de Capitã Marvel.

Brie Larson confirms presence at CCXP 2018

Brie Larson is confirmed for the Disney panel at Comic-Con Experience 2018.

Brie Larson confirmed as 'Captain Marvel'

A Marvel confirmou, durante seu painel na Comic Con San Diego, que Brie Larson está oficialmente escalada para interpretar a Capitã Marvel no cinema. Já...

Marvel reveals Phase 3 releases

Com evento especial, a Marvel revelou os títulos e data de lançamentos previsto para a fase 3. A Marvel está com tudo! Depois de vazarem...

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Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay for Xbox Series X / S revealed

CD PROJEKT RED today released the gameplay video running Cyberpunk 2077 on Xbox One X and Xbox Series X.

Review | The Refuge- Mick Kitson

Refúgio could be a deep book and full of relevant questions, but ends up getting lost in a shallow adventure where, however detailed, everything happens very fast and fails to empathize with the reader.

Black November promotion from Razer Gold will give a kit in addition to backpack and chair

Users who recharge at least R$50 during the month of November can compete for the full set of gamers products.
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