Wednesday, 3, March, 2021


Review | The Signifier

The Signifier is one of those games that delves so much into the protagonist's mind that he becomes so absurd for ...

Review | Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla finally arrives on consoles and PC. The version we played, provided by Ubisoft, was for computers. Right from the start, ...

Harassment and abuse | "Unfortunately, there is the feminist movement"

Many women have revealed stories of abuse involving gamers, influencers, entrepreneurs and other personalities in the gaming and electronic sports industry.

Review | Star Wars: Squadrons

Star Wars: Squadrons is a space and air combat game based on the fictional Star Wars universe. The game itself, aimed at ...

Meet the new Batman movie: Dying is Easy

Meet one of the best Bat Man fan films.

Criticism | Emily in Paris

With beautiful landscapes and breathtaking looks, Emily in Paris is a comedy worth checking out!

Verified Initiative and Turma da Mônica inaugurate an exhibition on the São Paulo subway

Until November 2, the show will continue at Fradique Coutinho and Campo Belo stations. From November 3 to 30, it is the turn of the Higienópolis-Mackenzie and Moema stations. And São Paulo-Morumbi and Brooklin stations are the last to receive the exhibition, from December 1st to 17th.

Zombie Invasion 2: Peninsula is more of the same

Invasão Zumbi 2: Península, é sequência de Train to Busan de 2016, dirigido por Yeon Sang-ho. Sua apresentação foi originalmente agendada para o Festival...

Reviews | The Dwarf and the Dragon

The dwarf who does not fight for the future he wants, must accept the future that comes. - Lost tomes from Kalad-Aram The Dwarf and the Dragon ...

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