Tuesday, 1, December, 2020

Doctor Who

TOP 5 | Series that every nerd should watch

Check out 5 series to celebrate nerd pride day.

Doctor Who | Last episode shown registers the smallest audience in 31 years

Fans have been complaining about some changes from the new phase.

Doctor Who | 12th season gets premiere date on Globoplay

New season gets premiere date on Globoplay

Dracula | Series pays tribute to Doctor Who and Sherlock

From the same creators of Doctor Who and Sherlock, the Dracula series pays homage to the duo's striking works.

Doctor Who | David Tennant reveals he would like the Christmas specials to return

Like the fans, the actor revealed that he misses the series' Christmas specials

Doctor Who | New trailer reveals the season 12 premiere date

Doctor Who returns in January!

Doctor Who | Check out the trailer for the 12th season of the series

The BBC released the trailer for the 12th season of Doctor Who. Watch!

Doctor Who | Series gets premiere date on Globoplay

TARDIS will soon land on Globoplay.

Doctor Who | Globoplay will show all seasons of the series in Brazil

Platform will bring Brazilian fans the 12 seasons and specials of the cult British science fiction series

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Dash & Lily is a charming series that, through the challenges made by the notebook, brings us a reflection on facing our own fears and getting out of our bubble. The world can be an incredible place when we open up to it.

Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay for Xbox Series X / S revealed

CD PROJEKT RED today released the gameplay video running Cyberpunk 2077 on Xbox One X and Xbox Series X.

Review | The Refuge- Mick Kitson

Refúgio could be a deep book and full of relevant questions, but ends up getting lost in a shallow adventure where, however detailed, everything happens very fast and fails to empathize with the reader.
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