Thursday, 25, February, 2021

Publisher Arqueiro

Review | Class Question - Christina Dalcher

Class Question is a book that has the power to go beyond shock, showing itself as a true mirror of how much humanity can do cruelty without thinking about the consequences.

Review | A love to remember

A touching story of not giving up the spirit to misfortune even when there is no hope, there are no guarantees. It is an engaging, beautiful, emotional narrative that provides us with a vision that goes beyond what we can see. It is about faith, about believing even if there is nothing else to do.

Review | The First Immortal - Rodrigo N. Alvarez

"When we die, does the soul die too?" The theme of immortality is perhaps one of the most cliché narratives in existence. There are several books, films, series ...

Review | Marionette- Daniel Cole

Creative and intriguing, Marionette has only one defect: the author's characteristic visual narrative.

Comparison Film vs Book: The Sun is also a Star

Based on the eponymous book by Nicola Yoon, The Sun Is Also A Star hits theaters as an adaptation that maintains the essence of ...

Review: The Sun is also a Star- Nicola Yoon

Nicola Yoon launches yet another interesting book, which addresses relevant issues in simple language.

Review: The Great Illusion- Harlan Coben

  Harlan Coben is an author who needs no introduction. Even with its ups and downs, it has a loyal audience, which will hardly be ...

Review: The Pearl That Broke the Shell- Nadia Hashimi

  Cultural plots always add interesting knowledge to the reader. When they are presented in the midst of complicated life stories, they are able to hold your attention completely, ...

Review: Justice at Any Price - John Grisham

  John Grisham is an author who often makes reading difficult. For being a writer who dives into the universe of law, even more for ...

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