Thursday, 24, September, 2020

Escape Time

J&M: Caçadores de Bruxas | A experiência de viver um clássico infantil na sala do Escape Time

Conheça a sala J&M: Caçadores de Bruxas do Escape Time.

Da parceria entre a Escape Time, Itambé e Fini, nasceu a sala Desafio dos Sabores, que traz o conceito “Junto e Misturado” do novo...

Escape Time room turns into a horror horror

"Freakshow - Escape dos Sentidos" is an initiative of the 89 Freak Show, Escape Time and Editora Draco program In an unprecedented joint initiative, the company ...

Brasil Game Show: Escape Time is present with new escape games

Escape Time will be present with the trucks from the TruckEscape fleet at BGS.

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Volkswagen announces free challenge with Escape 60: winner wins a Nivus!

Disputes start on September 29 and will all be virtual with 12 challenges held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, always at 8pm.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine | Series to air episode about police brutality in season 8

Brooklyn Nine-Nine will air a story about police brutality in season 8. After supposedly getting rid of at least four episodes ...
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