Thursday, 1, October, 2020

Fox Film

Deep Threat | Fox releases first movie trailer

Fox Film released the first trailer for the feature Deep Threat, a movie starring Kristen Stwart.

King's Man: The Origin | Check out the first trailer for the film

Fox Film released the first trailer for King & #039; s Man: The Origin, a film that takes place before the creation of the spy agency. Check the ...

Criticism | X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Finishing a saga started 19 years ago, and after the purchase of Fox by Disney, X-Men: Black Phoenix closes the arc with dignity, leaving tips for a new beginning in the MCU.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix | Final movie trailer released

20th Century Fox has just released the final trailer for X-Men: Dark Phoenix (X-Men: Dark Phoenix). In an unprecedented global action, the studio made available ...

Tolkien | Check out the first trailer for the film that tells the story of JRRTolkien

A Fox Film divulgou hoje o primeiro trailer legendado do filme Tolkien, que conta a história da infância e juventude do autor.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix | Released the second subtitled trailer for the film

O filme estreia nos cinemas de todo o Brasil em junho de 2019.

Sophie Turner, Jessica Chastain and director Simon Kinberg are guests of Fox Film at CCXP

Fox Film announced its attractions for the Comic Con Experience.

Comparative film vs book: Murder on the Orient Express

Assassinato no Expresso do Oriente' é um filme até que bem fiel à obra original, mas ainda possui algumas mudanças. Veja as principais

The Ferdinando Bull: See the new animation trailer

A Fox divulgou o novo trailer da animação O Touro Ferdinando.

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Criticism | Crime Tycoons

Guy Richie's 2019 feature film finally arrives in Brazil. Crime Tycoons is a film that mixes comedy with good ...

Review | Mechanical Princess - Cassandra Clare

Mechanical Princess is the outcome of the trilogy The Infernal Pieces, which answers who Tessa is, what are Mortmain's plans and ...

Challenge Under Fire Brazil and Latin America: Three Brazilians dispute the grand final

Cléber, Milton and Sandro are among the four finalists of the third season of the competition that warmed the hearts of amateur cutlery. Which Brazilian will win the third championship?
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