Tuesday, 29, September, 2020

Jack Kirby

Review: Ant-Man- Small World

  Logo após o lançamento do filme do Homem-Formiga, a Panini trouxe para o Brasil o encadernado Homem-Formiga – Mundo Pequeno. A edição não é...

Review: Kirby- Genesis

“Minha versão teria revelado as supervisões exuberantes e autoconfiantes com que nos paramentamos desde tempos imemoriais. Os super-heróis e super-heroínas dos quadrinhos, no meu...

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Criticism | Good morning, Veronica - Season 1

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Review | Love, Simon

With love, Simon is a teenage love story that warms any heart and makes us hope that they stay together and that they can overcome all the conflicts, difficulties and judgments that this new reality reserves for them ... all love is valid.
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