Thursday, 6, August, 2020

Kiera Cass

Review | The Choice - Kiera Cass

With unexpected events, The Choice, the end of the selection trilogy, is exciting.

Review | The Elite - Kiera Cass

The Elite remains full of dilemmas, which will make America decide whether or not to remain in competition for Maxon's crown and heart.

Review | The Mermaid - Kiera Cass

The Mermaid is a good read, but it can get tiring at times.

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The first season of Umbrella Academy accomplished very well one of the main objectives of an adaptation: to bring an audience to the work ...

Criticism | The Kissing Booth 2

Nobody gets it right the first time, but that's what adolescence is. However, the film's title plot has become a poorly developed and almost forgotten subplot. There is a lack of consistency of facts, events and consequences in this film which, because it is a sequel ... should be better.

Women in the pandemic: a scar that the band aid does not cover

There has been a rise in the rates of cases of violence against women and the approval of a project that releases emergency aid for victims, may help them to get out of this situation.
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