Friday, 27, November, 2020

Live Action

Criticism | The Lion King (live action)

Among more hits than mistakes, properly said, the live action of Disney's The Lion King fulfills its role and entertains the new audience and presents gifts to adult children

'Turma da Mônica: Ties' gets debut date and new images

Paris Filmes, distributor of Turma da Mônica: Laços, announced on Friday (21), the release date of the first live-action of the neighborhood gang ...

SDDC 2018 | Watch the first trailer for 'New Titans', DC Universe live-action series

The series, which still has no release date, is part of DC Universe, DC Comics streaming service

'We're working on the project,' says Amy Adams of Disney's 'Enchanted' sequel

Actress Amy Adams has confirmed that Disney's sequential film Encantada will indeed take place. In an interview with the TV show The ...

The 'Dumbo' Live Action trailer is out.

Last Tuesday (22), the possible synopsis of Disney's live action Dumbo was released on Twitter. Stitch Kingdom uses his profile on the net ...

The character Li Shang, troop commander and Mulan's romantic partner, in the animation, may have been cut off in the new live-action plot. THE...

In production, Netflix confirms animated series and live-action movie about Carmen Sandiego

Netflix acquired the production rights for a live-action movie by the character Carmen Sandiego and actress Gina Rodriguez, from the Jane series, ...

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Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay for Xbox Series X / S revealed

CD PROJEKT RED today released the gameplay video running Cyberpunk 2077 on Xbox One X and Xbox Series X.

Review | The Refuge- Mick Kitson

Refúgio could be a deep book and full of relevant questions, but ends up getting lost in a shallow adventure where, however detailed, everything happens very fast and fails to empathize with the reader.

Black November promotion from Razer Gold will give a kit in addition to backpack and chair

Users who recharge at least R$50 during the month of November can compete for the full set of gamers products.
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