Tuesday, 19, January, 2021


Wonder Woman in double dose this year

After 2017 the nerdy universe gained new airs, this due to the first solo film of a heroine that is directed by a woman ....

See Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes

England, 1884. The world is about to change. On the morning of her 16th birthday, Enola Holmes (Millie Bobby Brown) discovers that ...

Criticism | 365 days

The 365 Days feature has been successful on Netflix inciting physical and psychological violence against women

4 reasons why Castlevania is one of the best adaptations

It is a story almost as old as the video game medium itself. A game goes out and wins enough money for Hollywood or the major ...

Criticism | Fuller House- Season 5

The last season of Fuller House ends the cycle started by Full House in an exciting way.

Criticism | The Silence of the White City

The Silence of the White City has an interesting story, but it is not surprising.

Criticism | You can't imagine

Você Nem Imagina addresses homosexual love without falling into clichés.

Criticism | Never Have I Ever - Season 1

Never Have I Ever mixes comedy, drama and romance has a hint of daring and surprises from beginning to end.

Criticism | #BlackAF - Season 1

#BlackAF is a series a little shallow, but that manages to entertain and sharpen the interest for its plot.

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