Friday, 30, October, 2020

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The Girls of Corona Del Mar - Rufi Thorpe

Even though it is aimed at a younger audience, the book deals with interesting issues that mature in the course of the plot.

Review: A Summer to Start Again - Morgan Matson

Talking about love, loss and overcoming, A Summer to Start Over is an exciting and well-written book.

Review: Provence- Bridget Asher

Provence is a beautiful, engaging and interesting drama that escapes clichés.

Review: More Than That- Patrick Ness

  There are authors who are marked by their ability to leave the ordinary and surprise. Patrick Ness is among them, with some important works ...

Review: Sociedade JM Barrie- Barbara J. Zitwer

  Se alguém me perguntar sobre o que eu acho da história de Peter Pan vai acabar se desiludindo completamente com a minha resposta. Não...

Review: Lies like Love - Louisa Reid

  For those who have never read or heard about the author Louisa Reid, I need to start talking about the first book that Novo Conceito ...

Review: The Last Camellia - Sarah Jio

A Última Camélia é uma obra que vai trazer um pouco da história sobre as mansões do interior da Inglaterra.

Review: There Will Always Be You- Heather Butler

  Quando o gênero literário Sick-Lit entrou em ênfase no mercado editorial, a febre se tornou algo bastante lucrativo para algumas obras que também acabaram...

Review: Caraval- Stephanie Garber

  Existem realidades que são muito cruéis. A de Scarlett e sua irmã Donatella é uma delas, quando crianças, foram abandonadas por sua mãe, o...

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Review | Lovecraft Territory - Matt Ruff

Matt Ruff's Lovecraft Territory brings a map to be looked at and studied. It is certainly one of the best books of recent years.

Meet SigridWave, game translator from Acer

Features are also announced to enhance competition at a high level, such as a framework for organizing tournaments.

Transformers: Battlegrounds is now available for consoles

Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and the Autobots are back in a new adventure that mixes the well-known action of the franchise and breathtaking tactical battles.
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