Thursday, 24, September, 2020


Review | Hidden Bodies - Caroline Knepnes

Hidden Bodies, sequel to You, which served as inspiration for the second season of the series, manages to delve even further into the troubled protagonist and leaves a promising future for the character.

Review | You- Caroline Kepnes

Between mistakes and successes, you stand out for your psychological analysis and very well presented situations.

Book with JK Rowling's speech to Harvard graduates to be published in Brazil

A escritora J. K. Rowling, em 2008, discursou para os formandos da Universidade de Harvard e na ocasião, falou sobre as vantagens do fracasso...

Review: Pretty Little Liars- 8 volumes

Pretty Little Liars é um sucesso entre o público juvenil, e alguns adultos. A série, da ABC Family nos EUA e passada no Brasil...

Review | The Cuckoo's Call

J.K mostra que sabe escrever para o público adulto nessa nova trama.

Review | Hope - Suzanne Collins

A Esperança é desfecho da trilogia de Suzanne Collins. * **Atenção, contém enormes spoilers para quem não leu os outros livros da trilogia*** A Esperança é o...

Review | On Fire- Suzanne Collins

Em Chamas é o segundo volume da trilogia Jogos Vorazes. * Contém spoilers para quem não leu o primeiro livro* Em Chamas é de longe o...

Review | The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins

Jogos Vorazes, de Suzanne Collins, é mais um daqueles livros que não tinha vontade de ler, pois não aguento mais livros adolescentes e quando...

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Review | Love, Simon

With love, Simon is a teenage love story that warms any heart and makes us hope that they stay together and that they can overcome all the conflicts, difficulties and judgments that this new reality reserves for them ... all love is valid.

Volkswagen announces free challenge with Escape 60: winner wins a Nivus!

Disputes start on September 29 and will all be virtual with 12 challenges held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, always at 8pm.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine | Series to air episode about police brutality in season 8

Brooklyn Nine-Nine will air a story about police brutality in season 8. After supposedly getting rid of at least four episodes ...
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