Thursday, 4, March, 2021

Selton Mello

Therapy Session | New original gets Globoplay date

 New original Globoplay Therapy Session already has a date to reach the streaming platform.

Lino goes through trouble in the streets in new animation scene

Imagine the confusion that a cat the size of a person would cause when running around the city. That's what happens in Lino's recently released scene.

Soundtrack: Selton Mello talks about the film's challenges

In an exclusive video, Selton Mello talks about Soundtrack. The actor sums up how it was to make a film all in English and the fun and poetic bias of the feature.

Lino: Meet the unlucky character's life in the trailer voiced by Selton Mello

The first trailer of Lino, a new animation from Fox Film do Brasil, came out in partnership with StartAnima. The video, voiced by Selton Mello, presents the unlucky life of Lino, who tries to improve his situation and ends up only getting worse.

The Movie of My Life: See the trailer for the new film by Selton Mello

Third feature film directed by Selton Mello, O Filme da Minha Vida won a trailer in a poetic atmosphere.

Soundtrack, with Selton Mello, and the British Ralph Ineson, gets its first trailer

The first trailer for Soundtrack, a film starring Selton Mello, Seu Jorge and the British Ralph Ineson, was released.

Lino- The first teaser of Fox's new animation is out

The first teaser of the animation Lino came out, a new animation from Fox Film do Brasil, in partnership with StartAnima. The funny video introduces us to the unlucky ...

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