Saturday, 8, August, 2020

Seth Rogen

Criticism | The Boys- Season 1

The Boys maintains loyalty to the HQ, while making important criticisms of the corporate world.

Charlize Theron e Seth Rogen mostram ter muita química no primeiro trailer de ‘Casal Improvável’

Em trailer recém-divulgado, vemos Seth Rogen voltando às comédias em produção com background político.

Future Man: New Hulu series gets trailer

Hulu released the first trailer for Future Man, their new original series, during the New York Comic Con. 

Hugh Jackman will be the villain in the live action of 'The Lion King'

According to Joblo, actor Hugh Jackman was confirmed as the villain Scar in the live-action adaptation of The Lion King. John Oliver also joined the cast as Zazu. They team up with ...

Review: Steve Jobs

“Não é binário, você sabia? Você pode ter um dom e ser decente ao mesmo tempo“. Esta frase, tão oportunamente proferida por Steve Wozniak, em...

Review: Neighbors

Whenever Seth Rogen releases a new comedy, opinions about the film are so faithfully divided that it is funny. The comic way ...

'Neighbors' trailer with Seth Rogen and Zac Efron

A Universal divulgou o segundo trailer da comédia Vizinhos (Neighbors), que será protagonizada por uma dupla que nunca imaginei que veria juntos, Seth Rogen...

Review: It's the End

Existe uma geração que conhece Seth Rogen e sua "turma" muito bem. Fãs de comédias sem dúvidas já assistiram filme como Ligeiramente Grávidos, Superbad...

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Criticism | The Umbrella Academy - Season 2

The first season of Umbrella Academy accomplished very well one of the main objectives of an adaptation: to bring an audience to the work ...

Criticism | The Kissing Booth 2

Nobody gets it right the first time, but that's what adolescence is. However, the film's title plot has become a poorly developed and almost forgotten subplot. There is a lack of consistency of facts, events and consequences in this film which, because it is a sequel ... should be better.

Women in the pandemic: a scar that the band aid does not cover

There has been a rise in the rates of cases of violence against women and the approval of a project that releases emergency aid for victims, may help them to get out of this situation.
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