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Stephenie Meyer

Eclipse | Signs of possessiveness and obsession

The character Bella is a challenge. In moments it imposes itself, in others it submits to what others want. We realize that what an abusive relationship can become in the course of the work, however, does not fail to illustrate the reality. After all, reality and fiction go hand in hand.

Review | Midnight Sun

Rereading the saga, we can see that Stephenie Meyer's writing has improved a lot and the richness of details and evolution of the characters was something surreal. The cover is a separate point, as the image can cause discomfort, but it represents the entire internal battle that takes place inside Edward. It's a great book, with a few caveats. Good reading!

New Moon | The sequence is even worse than its previous

Unfortunately, here we see the damage that an abusive relationship can cause on both sides. But there are evils that come for good ...

Twilight | An example of abusive relationships

The saga is a great hook to talk about problems like unhealthy love, lack of self-esteem, loneliness and how we "improperly" romanticize abusive relationships.

Review: Chemistry- Stephenie Meyer

  Famous for her Twilight saga, Stephenie Meyer has a legion of fans among the youth audience, but it is not always well regarded among ...

Review: The Hostess

Based on the eponymous novel by Stephenie Meyer, The Host tells the story of our world after the invasion of aliens who call themselves Souls. How...

Clip from “The Hostess”

New clip from the movie "The Hostess" ** Updated! Added a more recent clip. ** The adaptation of the book: The Host by Stephenie Meyer, author of Twilight, won a ...

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