Thursday, 9, July, 2020

Universal Pictures

The Perfect Beat | Movie gets trailer and premiere date in Brazil

Distributed by Universal Pictures, A Batida Perfeita arrives on August 6 in Brazilian cinemas

Fast and Furious 9 | Film postponed to 2021 because of the Coronavirus

Fast and Furious 9 also had its debut postponed, now for over a year.

007 - No Time to Die | Movie release delayed because of coronavirus

Launch of 007 - No Time to Die is postponed because of the coronavirus.

Candyman | 90s horror remake gets first trailer

90s horror remake Candyman gets first trailer.

Jurassic World 3 | Sequence has title revealed by the director

New feature is titled Jurassic World: Dominion

The Hunt | Satire gets trailer and premiere date in Brazil

With a thriller tone, The Hunt mixes action with parody on social differences between Americans from different social classes

The Invisible Man | Unpublished scene features psychological terror that packs the feature

With Elisabeth Moss, from The Handmaid's Tale, as the protagonist, a feature film arrives in Brazilian cinemas on February 27

The Invisible Man | Movie gets tense final trailer subtitled

Filme estreia dia 27 de fevereiro nos cinemas

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Review | The Great Flu - John M. Barry

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