Monday, 6, July, 2020


At least a decade ago, the use of Virtual Reality in medicine was the stuff of fictional films. And use the games on ...

Assassin's Creed: Origins gets escape room in virtual reality

Voyager Escape unit will open on January 30, at Morumbi Town Shopping, in São Paulo, and will present “Escape The Lost Pyramid”, an experience ...

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The Silence of the White City | 10 differences between film and book

The Silence of the White City has become a hurried and unsurprising film, unlike the book is breathtaking. See the differences between the works.

Review | The Great Flu - John M. Barry

Finally released in Brazil, with a delay of approximately 16 years, the book The Great Flu: The History of the Spanish Flu, The Pandemic ...

Review | The Silence of the White City

O Silêncio da Cidade Branca é o primeiro volume da trilogia Cidade Branca e um thriller que merece sua atenção.
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