Saturday, 11, July, 2020

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The Robbery of the Century | Bank robbery plan gets prominence in final movie trailer

Trailer for The Robbery of the Century focuses on the bank robbery plan. Watch it.

Wonder Woman 1984 | Check out the first trailer for the film

During the CCXP 2019 panel, Warner released the first trailer for Wonder Woman 1984

Criticism | The Queens of Crime

Rainhas do Crime é recomendado para aqueles que apreciam uma boa obra adaptada, sendo esta muito bem executada por sua direção e produção.

Andy and Barbara Muschietti, from IT: Chapter Two, will come to Brazil

A Warner Bros. Pictures anunciou que o diretor de IT: Capítulo Dois Andy Muschietti, e a produtora do longa Barbara Muschietti, virão ao Brasil para conversar com a imprensa do país sobre o filme.

Criticism | Annabelle 3: Back Home

The Warren family returns to theaters with Annabelle 3: Back Home. Gary Dauberman, screenwriter for Annabelle 2: The Creation of Evil, returns ...

Comparison Film vs Book: The Sun is also a Star

Baseado no livro homônimo de Nicola Yoon, O Sol Também é Uma Estrela chega aos cinemas como uma adaptação que mantém a essência de...

Yes, we fell. Mea-culpa: Thunder was a victim of fake news and was carried away by the appearances of the terms "IT'S OFFICIAL!", "CONFIRMED!", Where nothing was ...

Actress Jessica Parker Kennedy, Nora Allen of DC's The Flash series, participated in the podcast program The Tomorrow Show, presented by ...

There's not even a month that SHAZAM! premiered in theaters worldwide and Warner / DC have already confirmed a sequel.

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The Silence of the White City | 10 differences between film and book

The Silence of the White City has become a hurried and unsurprising film, unlike the book is breathtaking. See the differences between the works.

Review | The Great Flu - John M. Barry

Finally released in Brazil, with a delay of approximately 16 years, the book The Great Flu: The History of the Spanish Flu, The Pandemic ...

Review | The Silence of the White City

The Silence of the White City is the first volume of the White City trilogy and a thriller that deserves your attention.
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