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Neon Heart | Film wins top awards at WorldFest Houston


Curitiba's feature film neon heart landed in Texas (USA) last week, running for a Remi Award. But the big surprise came on Saturday night (23), when the film won the highest award at the 55th WorldFest Houston, held at Cinemark Memorial City, in Houston, Texas (USA). Producers Lucas Estevan Soares and Rhaissa Gonçalves received the trophy Remi Special Jury Award (Special Jury Prize), directly from festival owner Hunter Todd.

The annual festival, which has already revealed names such as Steven Spielberg and Ang Lee, has the vocation to reveal and validate creative excellence in the independent production of feature films, documentaries and short films. And “Neon Heart” went through the various stages of classification.

In 2022, WorldFest received nearly 5,000 entries from productions from around the world. Just under 80 feature films and around 130 short films were selected for screening to the judges and the general public. The best productions compete for the Remi award, in the following descending order, which depends on the score given by the judges:

  • The Grand Remi Statuette, the Best of Show
  • The Remi Special Jury Award
  • The Remi Platinum Jury Award
  • The Remi Gold Jury Award
  • The Remi Silver Jury Award
  • The Remi Bronze Jury Award
  • The WorldFest Liftoff Prize for use of NASA footage

Remi Award is a reference and tribute to Frederic Remington, who was an American painter, illustrator, sculptor and writer specializing in representations of the American Wild West.

First with Dolby Atmos

neon heart brings a historic landmark to national cinema. And the first brazilian film to have Dolby Atmos 9.1 immersive sound technology. Brazil already has about 40 movie theaters prepared with the technology. However, only foreign films shown in the country had the immersive Dolby Atmos sound.

Surround brings the sound horizontally to the viewer. Dolby Atmos is an evolution of surround, as it puts the viewer inside a “bubble”, with sound coming from absolutely all sides of the movie theater. If the film has an object falling to the floor, for example, the sound will come from the floor of the cinema. If the noise is from an airplane in the sky, the sound will come from the ceiling of the room. Thus, the spectator feels as if he is inside the scene, side by side with the characters, bringing more emotion and realism to those who watch.

Packed bags

The WorldFest Houston started on Wednesday (20) and ends this Sunday (24). Now, with the trophy in hand, producers Lucas and Rhaissa take the “Heart of Neon” to the 24th RiverRun International Film Festival, which began on Thursday (21) and runs until April 30 in Winston-Salem, state of North Carolina (USA). Participation in the Marché du Film, Cannes Film Festival in France is still planned; at the Carmarthen Bay Film Festival in Wales; in San Francisco, in Silicon Valley; at the Cinequest Festival; at the Lift-Off Festival in Tokyo; among other international festivals.

neon heart is scheduled to premiere in Brazil in December.



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