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COVID-19 and the shambles in quarantine

Dedicated to SUS and private health professionals and teachers, Shambles in Quarantine is the portrait of the pains and reality of Brazilians during the year 2020. 

Divided into two parts, the work of the writer Luísa Nogueira discusses sustainability and records, between the lines, the neglect of leaders in guiding the population on the risks of agglomerations and other security measures.

The first stage of production questions the changes in people's lifestyles and what sustainability is. Part two, on the other hand, is a quarantine monthly, with news about the vaccine's development, the spread of the virus across the country and the world, and the author's babbling during the months of confinement.  

They are texts written during the pain of social isolation, sometimes optimistic, sometimes sad, sometimes desperate in the face of so many deaths. 

“I am not going to say that today, many, like me, complete more than six months in quarantine; I am not going to talk about the hope of all of us on that curve to fall. Sometimes it falls, agglomerations come, it goes up again; waiting for a medication, a vaccine, a greater commitment from the government to the people; in the hope that the nightmare is just a bad night's sleep. ”
(Shambles in the Quarantine, p. 98)

In addition to social criticism and confinement reporting, Shambles in Quarantine presents the reader who, even in the face of the pandemic scenario, sees himself in the need to make a residential change. Luísa's account of the change process through the virus is a true manual for those concerned with how to streamline the process.  


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