Twilight, first volume of the saga Twilight written by Stephenie Meyer, addresses the loving relationship between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. It is a worldwide success both in book sales and in theaters (the story has been adapted for the big screen), thousands of young people and adults have melted by the love story of a human and a vampire.

The plot tells the story of Bella, who needs to move to Forks and live with her father after her mother married another man. Forks is known for being the rainiest and overcast city in the United States, and although she loves sunny days, Bella faces the challenge of moving and moving in with her father. After a few days of going to school, Bella meets Edward, a strange boy, with an incredibly pale skin, and with a posture and verbiage that seem to be from another century. After many comings and goings, the girl discovers the truth about the Cullen family: they are vampires and they chose to live in Forks exactly because of the lack of sun provided by the location. From there, a romance between Bella and Edward starts to build and this story is not at all romantic. This plot portrays many abuses that, as they say today, “went over the top” for macho attitudes.

Bella: I was scared, because, well, for obvious reasons, I can't be with you. And I'm afraid that I enjoy being with you, much more than I should.

Edward: Yes. It is indeed a reason to be afraid. Wanting to be with me is not good for you!


As a card-carrying romantic, I love novels and that is no secret to anyone. I was never a fan of the franchise (watching the movie when the pirate version came out and I thought it was too bizarre for me to understand at the time and I didn't even care to stick to the series of four books) and reading the book now, it was not so difficult if "Enchant" by vampire Edward Cullen. He seems to be protective and has a more mature posture, etc. Only behind this gentleman's armor, he is a very bad guy. He initially starts treating Bella badly and she doesn't even understand the real reason for that. That is, it has already started wrong. I don't like being ignored and diminished and I hate it even more when I see a character being treated like that.

How is Bella that I read and identified in the book? She is an ordinary girl, who does not think she is beautiful, feels out of place. She has brown eyes and hair of the same color, but in the sun she has reddish highlights. But she is still an ordinary girl, who gets a little attention from some classmates when she arrives in Forks. The problem starts there. Lack of self-esteem. Lack of empowerment. It lacks to value itself more, to feel whole and confident. The protagonist is constructed as if she were a weak, fragile and helpless person. And to confirm this, Edward is watching when she is sleeping and without her consent, without anyone knowing that he is in her house, in her room. That's a crime.

She worships the Cullen family. In her conception, it is a family composed of models, due to their beauty and something that irritates a lot is that they compare them as if they were “class A” people in terms of beauty, as if they were Greek statues. And of course, Edward is so handsome that it is impossible for a guy like him to fall in love with her. Another problem, SELF-APPRECIATION. We don't have to please someone to fall in love with us women. And the worst part, she doubts his feelings and always tries to get his attention, aside from the psychological issue of trying to play with her mind and even though it is not so explicit, it is visible that this relationship has problems in its construction.

In the course of the plot, Charlie begins to realize that Bella is no longer as close to friends as before. In the film, he says to be closer to people her age or with the same mentality. After all, the vampire is 107 years old trapped in the body of an 18-year-old boy. However, Bella ignores it and in her words, it is impossible for her to stay away and at all times there is this psychological game of “I want you close, I want you away, I want you close, I want you away because I will suck your blood” from Edward who makes her not miss friends so much. After all, she has a very hot guy, she has a friend who may be his "sister" who has a fashion sense that she doesn't have and lends clothes that she would never have the money to buy. Do you realize how abusive this relationship is? Bella doesn't think she deserves to be with Edward and that's why she won't sacrifice a relationship with the most beautiful guy in high school for the sake of friends.

Their courtship develops and as it develops, the protagonist becomes a person without salt, without grace, without presence and apathetic to others and all she wants most is to be like him, to be a vampire. She is so involved that she doesn't think about her own father who is so kind and kind to her or even her mother. And then the situation turns into a mega snowball, because she worries about being human forever, about having to grow old and not being able to be next to the “magic boy” due to her warmth, while the big boy Cullen wants her live like a human.

I don't seem to be strong enough to stay away from you, so I think I'll continue as I please ... Whether it kills me or not ...

Finally, the story has other sequences that you will read in the coming weeks. Reflect on abusive relationships. This review is just the beginning of a great conversation about the romanticization of abusive, oppressive attitudes that are dressed in innocent fantasies to make us accept such attitudes ... but we must not accept the abuse, the oppression coming from anyone. It is very worrying the influence that the plot has brought to many girls, especially the younger ones who are still learning what life is all about and even more for being so famous.

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twilight-an-example-of-abusive-relationshipsThe saga is a great hook to talk about issues like unhealthy love, lack of self-esteem, loneliness and how we "improperly" romanticize abusive relationships.


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