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Start Events News Creator of Marvel Battle Scenes launches new collection at Brasil Comic Con

Creator of Marvel Battle Scenes launches new collection at Brasil Comic Con

Marvel Battle Scenes

The Brazilian Fabian Balbinot, writer and creator of the card game Marvel Battle Scenes, confirms its presence at Brasil Comic Con.

On the occasion, the designer of the largest card game ever developed in Brazil, launches “Cosmic Invasion”, a new collection of Marvel Battle Scenes, or MBS, as he is called by his thousands of fans. At the Copag booth, where he will be staying for the two days of the event, Fabian Balbinot will also talk to fans about the process of creating the card game that since 2013 has been winning over the “marvelmaniacs” in the country. On Sunday (11/16), at 6 pm, Fabian will give a lecture in the auditorium on the 1st floor of the Pro Magno Events Center, where Brasil Comic Con takes place.

  • See more about Brasil Comic Con on here.

About Marvel Battle Scenes

Marvel Battle Scenes is a strategy card-game in which players duel commanding groups of heroes and villains from the Marvel universe in the most varied scenarios and situations.

The complete collection of the game consists of one hundred cards and 2 models of decks with themes of heroes and villains. The boosters are sold in 4 different packs, containing 7 random cards each. The cards split

in 4 types (character, support, scenario and skill) and have 5 levels of rarities. In addition to the collection that will be launched at Brasil Comic Com - "Cosmic Invasion", the series also includes the initial game and the sequences "Tactical Evolution", "Hidden Powers" and "Multiple Identities".

Brasil Comic Con takes place on November 15th and 16th, in São Paulo.


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