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Review | 1917

One of the great surprises of the This year's Golden Globe was the category of Best Drama, where 1917 took the best among so many favorites. The film, directed by Sam Mendes (007 - Skyfall), is one of the few Hollywood films that approached World War I. Inspired by the stories of the director's grandfather, 1917 has the right ingredients for a good war movie.

Counting in your main cast Dean-Charles Chapman (game of Thrones) and George MacKay (Captain Fantastic), the story turns on the mission of two soldiers, Blake (Chapman) and Schofield (MacKay) to deliver an alert letter to another British troop in order to stop the attack against the enemy troop, Germany, as it is a matter of an ambush where Blake and Schofield need to warn them before the British military advances, starting a real race against time.

Crítica | 1917 1
Image: DreamWorks Pictures

Almost two hours long, the film begins with scenes that make the public uneasy when following the soldiers' route to their destination, creating a very intriguing atmosphere, until taking us to the real combat stretches in its course. The big difference is to analyze how the audience manages to become part of some scenes, with the accompaniment of the cameras along with the characters, which makes the production exceptional.

Another point to praise in the feature is the incredible photography, brilliantly directed by Roger Deakins, with breathtaking scenes and very well executed, in a plane basically uncut, which makes the viewer not unglue his eyes from the screen any minute.

Crítica | 1917 2
Image: DreamWorks Pictures

This incredible war drama that is 1917 it is worth checking out, both for its script and for its cast, photography, costumes, among many other items. It's the complete combo to join anyone's favorite list.

In Brazil, the film has a release date of February 23 in all cinemas.

Thunder Wave note
1917 is not a simple war movie, it has all the features to get on your list of favorites of the year.


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