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The recently released feature has been successful on Netflix inciting physical and psychological violence against women

In full confinement due to Covid-19, we left the streets for the comfort of our home. And with that, we have had more time to be with our family, to reflect and rediscover ourselves. However, in this period, crimes of physical violence increased 10% compared to the same period last year. In crimes of sexual violence, the index rose 17% compared to 2019, according to disclosure by the Rio de Janeiro Public Security Institute and Agência Brasil. A lot of women are being assaulted and what has generated revolt is the newest plot of the Netflix.

Among the most watched, one of Netflix's “Top 10”, the recently released Polish feature film, 365 Days (365 DNI), tells the story of Laura Biel (Anna ‑ Maria Sieklucka), a young girl who goes on vacation to Sicily with her boyfriend and friends. On the second day of the trip, on her 29th birthday, Laura is kidnapped by the head of a Sicilian mafia family, the young man Massimo (Michele Morrone). With a past marked by death and violence, he tries to make Laura love him within 365 days.

She is initially resistant to the situation, lost and scared. However, in the course of the plot, she "falls in love" with her kidnapper. What in the film is shown as love, however, is pointed out by experts as a clear portrait of Stockholm syndrome. In the feature, Laura goes to parties, does a lot of shopping accompanied by employees who carry her bags and even rides a yacht. This “perfect dream” romanticized by so many films, added to the fact that the protagonist is a handsome guy, nullifies all the problems behind the production. 

This relationship is far from healthy and only those who have lived or are in an abusive relationship know what this reality is like. And those who have never lived are dazzled and even dream of this false love. It is the mobster who chooses where the woman goes, as, for example, when he decides that Laura would travel to Warsaw and period. He also controls her clothes, pulls her by the arm in countless situations and even runs her hand over her body, including her private parts, while she is tied up in a plane, without consent, which can be considered sexual abuse. In addition to other scenes in which Massimo forces her to have oral sex on him or pushes Laura while calmly saying that "he will do nothing without his permission" is not correct. So this is to connect eroticism with acts of repression and physical, mental and sexual abuse, attitudes that should not be normalized.

If you thought that this “fanfic” of 50 shades of gray - many have made comparisons between the franchise and the Polish film - would have the construction of a romance gradually as it happens with Christian Gray (Jamie Dornan) and Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) was mistaken. At the moment, the comments that came out of the feature are about which heartthrob is the favorite among the female audience and not about how problematic he is. This film is a slap in the face of those who have been fighting abuse from their partners for years, disparaging women as a person.

Thunder Wave note
A production like this causes astonishment, since, we are in a moment that has been discussed a lot about violence, be it physical, psychological or sexual, by color, by religion or even by being people. It is a setback to the feminist movement, in addition to objectifying and objectifying women.


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