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Criticism | 5x Comedy

First Amazon original debuts with current theme and known cast

First Brazilian original series of Amazon Prime Video, 5x Comedy debut in a series of productions that adapted to the Covid pandemic19, changing the way they were recorded and respecting the distance to make the work happen.

The theme is exactly that, five stories of how different nuclei deal with the consequences of the virus. From different points of view, the comedy addresses issues such as sex, work, relationships, family, loneliness, fear and the desire to live in a state of isolation. Issues such as the differences in classes and privileges of our society are also present in the series, broadening the debate and bringing more diversity to the project.

The first two episodes made available for the Thunder Wave they show an informal and entertaining narrative, which does not neglect relevant issues and very specific social criticisms. Pointing out how each class suffers from the consequences, the less fortunate ones generally take the greatest risks.

The episode entitled Collapse portrays this very well. Set in a building with high-income residents, the plot highlights E d g a r (Gabriel Godoy), a resident of the penthouse that comfortably isolates himself in his huge and luxurious apartment - without losing the chance to complain about the fall in the economy and feeling the lack of his social binge-, and Zezinho (Rafael Portugal), caretaker of the building who decides to maintain his service and continue working in the building, even if it means that he cannot return home and stay away from his wife Maria (Samantha Schmütz), for fear of being contaminated by public transport. The events, always with a comic tone, lead to some reflections on privileges and the value of money above the value of a life.

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The episode called Hypochondriac presents almost the opposite, with the head of the family John (Gregório Duvivier) becoming a real paranoid with the risk of contamination and the news, transforming your home into a place full of rules and isolation. From his suite, where he has locked himself since he presented a mild, but suspicious, symptom of Covid-19 he maintains through connections all obliged to a regime of radical isolation within the house itself.

In a creative way, the recordings are distant, always having the argument of isolation so that the dialogues are made only by video calls and online meetings. Very few are the scenes in which the actors interact in person.

Amazon's first original Brazilian production, 5X Comedy it is a safe bet for the company, which chose the right and did not want to take chances with works without a guaranteed audience. With a name team in production to make the series eye-catching, and an intimately current theme, the company makes its debut in Brazil with something that will certainly be very well seen, but hardly striking.

Thunder Wave note
Amazon's first original Brazilian production, 5X Comédia comically criticizes different ways of dealing with the pandemic.


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