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Criticism | The Kissing Booth 2

The feature has good elements to be developed, however, it exaggerates in the subplots and extrapolates in time

It is not new that romantic comedies based on youth books have made the head of the Netflix. And incredible as it may seem, the long ones make the head of the passionate on duty. However, with The Kissing Booth 2 (The Kissing Booth 2), the business is different. The film with adolescent language shows a perfect universe, where everything fits together, a wonderful place that even I would like to be there. But real life is made of imperfection and this feature is as problematic as its predecessor.

The end of the previous film, The Kissing Booth, made it clear that that Elle interpreted by Joey King, that she and the big boy Noah, Jacob Elordi, would date at a distance when he goes to college. The sequence begins after these events and the protagonist makes a “recap” of what has happened since, showing that a “Summer of dreams” next to her boyfriend before going back to the reality of her last school year. It looks like the movie ended there. However, it is not quite so.

The new work has many subplots and develops all of them by the thighs. Which makes the film tiring, long and inconsistent. Not to mention the similarities with To All the Boys I've Loved: Ps .: I Still Love You, inserting an unnecessary love triangle. The plot itself, already has a legal history and so, perhaps, I see no reason to fill it with ill-thought dramas. The film is based on King's charisma and we can see that the interpretation of Elordi is almost forced, which again, gives us a playboy without content. Why not develop the character of this creature? It has potential.

The secondary wefts do not intertwine with the main weft. And the tent? It is remembered in the end. In this continuation, Elle is dealing with distance dating, with the American third party, in which, it is necessary to choose the colleges that she wants to study, and at that moment she is between the cross and the sword because she would initially go to the same college what Lee (Joel Courtney), however, the one her boyfriend studies is another and she has to choose. The friendship between Elle and Lee is on the verge of a catastrophe due to Lee's girlfriend Rachel wanting to spend more time with her boyfriend who is always with Elle, the trio of gossiping wagons who are not really the villains - but could - irrelevant, the arrival of Noah's clone, March (Taylor Zakhar Perez), however, Latin arrives to make the young woman's heart divide and the physical is the same as Noah's. Heavens! And jealousy? And the dance contest inspired by these game tournaments? Very hilarious.

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Love trio between Marco, Elle and Noah / Netflix

The problem is that there are many subplots developed in half and we don't understand anything. We don't understand why the film is so long. And then things get tangled up, Marco becomes the perfect man for absolutely nothing, except to be discarded when the princess realizes that she has the right to make her own decisions. And by the way, he is much more interesting than Elordi's character. And the feature tries to link this to another part of the previous narrative discourse - already resolved in itself - in relation to friendship, using the rules as if it was something obvious to everyone, but they make no sense at all. What is more important? Friendship or dating? How far does one hinder the other? Is it possible for the two to exist? The script enters this territory again only to erase any trace of coherence and unnecessary conflicts reign in convenient contexts of paranoia or "common sense" so as not to lose friendly relations.

And then not satisfied, the plot uses the stereotype itself of a totally deconstructed hot girl who only to resist a “handsome” guy and teach him that he can be wrong, but he doesn't admit it, he can be more responsible with his attitudes, making him learn that it is not about being “MALE” but acting like a rational man. Despite this, it is Elle, who does not know what she wants, because the plot is about her learning and maturing in relation to all the messes that her character lives, but that admits the mistake in a surprising action that is justified by the fragile heart and the decompensated mind. And finally, it would be interesting to focus on Lee who has a good development and make Noah have his chance to shine and not just show himself another pretty face with desirable beauty.

If the intention was to be a film a la John Hughes… forgets. The lack of approaching the problems of this phase in a coherent and sensible way harmed the production. It is interesting to talk about abusive situations, like the one Elle and Noah live in, talk about jealousy, about the friendships built by a strong bond, about the homosexuality that in this film was used as a representative factor and not because the plot was in fact interesting. And, again, cheering for who will win the girl's heart? Lack of chemistry, lack of sense, lack of coherence, lack of good production, lack of good photography, lack of a good soundtrack, lack of more commitment from the actors to deliver good performances and nuances of emotion.

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Nobody gets it right the first time, but that's what adolescence is. However, the film's title plot has become a poorly developed and almost forgotten subplot. There is a lack of consistency of facts, events and consequences in this film which, because it is a sequel ... should be better.


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