David Tennant is an actor who calls attention in all his performances. Very talented, he can impress in any role, be it in movies, television or theater. Bad Samaritan first came to attention in the first trailer for bringing Tennant as the protagonist, playing a very promising serial killer. And promising is exactly the best word to define it. At the end of the show, the feeling the viewer has is that they could invest in other movies for the character.

An old-fashioned thriller, Bad Samaritan rescues the elements that could get past the tension of the situation, without investing in any visual impresseve scene. At various moments it is possible to jump out of the chair or despair of the moment, in the midst of simple and accurate situations.

David Tennant in The House of Fear | image: Legion M

Counting alongside David Tennant we have Robert Sheehan, who gives life to Sean, a young aspiring photographer who performs small robberies to support himself. When one of them ends up taking him to the house of Cale Erendreich (Tennant) and he discovers a woman kept hostage. From this point on he becomes obsessive to save her, while suffering constant attacks from Cale. Sheehan gives another acting show, without its desperation and innocence to counteract the evil Erendreich could not create the necessary tension that packs the film.

There are motives behind Cale’s attitudes, which are explained above, in a satisfactory manner, but leaving a space to be further explored in the future. Brandon Boyce’s screenplay is so well-crafted and detailed that it leaves the impression that it wants to address more about such a well-grounded character.

Robert Sheehan in The House of Fear | Image: Legion M

It is almost impossible to finish watching Bad Samaritan without remembering Hannibal Lecter, not because of any resemblance to cannibalism, but because of the blind motivation of the character to faithfully believe in his distorted motives. It is precisely this faith in its goals that make the production so immersive, transmitting to the viewer the despair with the simplicity of the situation.

Bad Samaritan is a great suspense, especially for the present times who seem to think extremism makes a good movie. With this work, we can prove that less is more and that it is possible to conquer the public by investing in something more everyday, but very scary.


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