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Review: The House of Medo- Ghostland Incident

There are films that are more marked by their backstage than by their plot. The House of Fear: Ghostland Incident is one of them. From the principal Pascal Laugier, which has few films on its curriculum, but with some production problems, the film is already commented because of the accident that the young actress Taylor Hickson he suffered in the recordings, where, in a scene with glasses, he ended up seriously cutting himself and leaving a marked scar on his face.

Accidents aside, The House of Fear: Ghostland Incident it is a terror with a well thought out idea, but that could be better executed. The plot features a mother (Mylène Farmer) who has just moved into a secluded home with his daughters Beth (Emilia Jones) and Will see (Hickson). On the very day of the move, they are attacked by strange bandits who have the habit of killing their parents and spending time making fearful fantasies with their daughters in the house.

Crítica: A Casa do Medo- Incidente em Ghostland 1
The House of Fear: Ghostland Incident | Image: Paris Movies

The work is a great mixture of feelings in the viewer. Initially presenting a common terror, in a way that resembles the classics full of murders, without the use of supernatural elements. However, the story advances to the future and when showing the daily life, however necessary for the public's understanding, it becomes a little tiring.

After explaining the context, which is the great triumph of the film, the production returns to the tone presented at the beginning, which is interesting, but by now it has lost the viewer's attention. The script is correct when dealing with psychological issues and the direction is beautiful in the tension scenes, however the atmosphere that was broken in the beginning spoils the experience.

With production problems or not, and even with some slips, The House of Fear: Ghostland Incident it is a differentiated terror that addresses issues beyond violence and tension, a rarity for current films. Leaving space to reflect on some attitudes and characters, and with homage to HP Lovecraft, the feature manages to stand out.

Thunder Wave note
Casa do Medo presents an intriguing plot, but fails to capture public interest at times.


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