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Review | The Curse of the Mirror

Terror has become one of the most sought after and watched genres in the film industry. Usually when people are gathered in a group and want to watch a movie, they opt for good terror. Therefore, in this text we are going to talk about the new feature that is about to be released in Brazil by Paris Movies.

The Curse of the Mirror is a Russian production based on the book of Stephen King and despite being part of the horror genre, it is a film that doesn’t really scare, in fact, it can be considered a suspense, since the plot manages to arrest the viewer from beginning to end, keeping the curiosity to discover all mysteries surrounding the entity entitled the Queen of Swords.  

The feature tells the legend of a woman who owned an orphanage and in less than two years murdered more than 19 children in a satanic ritual to bring her deceased son back to life. After her crimes were discovered, the woman is sentenced to death by the residents of the small village where she lived. During all the torture sessions she suffered from the population, the woman who was already used to doing magic rituals, decides to lock her soul in a mirror in order to someday be released - hence the legend of the Queen of Swords. 

The narrative is very slow, but it only manages to arrest because of the curiosity that the legend of the ghost causes. At certain times the production becomes boring, especially at the beginning, as they use a good amount of time to present all the main characters and their stories. 

Right at the beginning we met the brothers Olya (Angelina Strechina) and Airtom (Daniil Izotov), who lose their mother in a car accident and are sent to boarding school after being rejected by their father. The film is all set in this educational boarding school where parents leave their children during the week and return to pick them up on weekends. But they don't know that the legend of the Queen of Swords actually happened and the place where she trapped her soul was precisely in a mirror that is in the basement of this boarding school. 

A Maldição do Espelho
Olya (Angelina Strechina) and Airtom (Daniil Izotov) in The Curse of the Mirror / Paris Filmes

The production is full of dialogues and little action, one of the few moments that the film makes you shiver is when a group of young people at the boarding school decide during a game, to invoke the Queen of Swords and each make a wish. However, they did not imagine that the ghost would actually fulfill all of their requests, but with a price, she wants everyone's soul in return. From there, the group begins to be wiped out, leaving only three to try to defeat the entity. 

The end is very predictable and cannot answer all the questions that at the beginning caused curiosity and trapped the viewer in the plot. Some stories remain open and many loose ends. 

Although in many moments he is boring, the film is a good choice to watch with a group of friends, because although he is described as a horror film, he never has scenes that make you extremely scared. 

Directed by Mike Flanagan and distributed by Paris Movies, the production will debut on March 12 in cinemas throughout Brazil. 

Thunder Wave note
Despite telling a good story, the film becomes boring in many moments.


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