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Review | The last night

Dark feature arrives on December 23rd


The long Silent Night – The Last Night -, comes in a half-apocalyptic, half-catastrophic feel that is directed and scripted by Camille Griffin. Here, our conflicts with the environment gain prominence and result in the mass death of the entire society that will arrive right on the day we celebrate the birth of Christ. Unfortunately, the Christmas comic horror starring Keira Knightley, does not impress and leaves something to be desired. The real chance to talk about social injustices and important issues such as the degradation of the environment proves to be a confused, lost and toneless experience. Not even the strong cast can save the work.

The last night has an interesting premise that consists of the pre-death tension between the characters who gathered for a last dinner before taking a pill that will guarantee a painless death - the background of the feature is a toxic air that causes deadly asphyxiation wherever it goes - , and it is at this moment that many issues of the past, existential and some unresolved problems arise to be resolved and everyone die in peace. But this idea was poorly orchestrated by griffin who got lost in his own creation.

The characters are bizarre. Conversations are empty and futile. What should have had depth was not like the social differences in which the more affluent people were entitled to the death pill, but it remained in the shallows. The kids had a very plausible sense of argument – even the irritating, goofy girl – and they were all mishandled. Highlight goes to Roman Griffin Davis who knew how to convey the truth in his performance. 

Neil, character by Keira Knightley / Reproduction

Adults are cruel. According to Neil, character of knightley, the night was to celebrate and celebrate love. But she is unlovable. The character is stupid and silly, just like the character in Annabelle Wallis, which proves to be futile and superficial - and she didn't even show respect to her husband by hitting on another in the same place -. the characters of Lily Rose-Depp and Kirby Howell-Baptiste the excluded were figured, as everyone ignored or interrupted them with great rudeness and contempt. the character of Lucy Punch she's a lesbian and the husky/thick voice she tries to do is ridiculous. Unnecessary. Men… better not comment.

Despite many mishaps, The last night has some good elements. It can be distressing to some extent, but its superficiality is such that the viewer is left in doubt whether he cares or not. It's impossible to connect with the characters, as they are shallow and unattractive and spend all their time fighting. One positive point was that it doesn't have an extended duration. If it took any longer, it would be endless cruelty to the spectator.

The film could have gone deeper into existential themes and even the traumas of the past. After all, the end of humanity is near, but the script seems to warm us up in a bain-marie and leaves the subject for later and never comes the time to discuss it in a transparent way. We do not see a relationship of chaos with our real health catastrophe. Here the hysteria is present, but it is effective in the young Roman Griffin. In the others, they are unsuccessful attempts. The film has an ambitious goal, but it fails.

Distributed by Paris Filmes, the feature arrives on December 23rd.



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