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Criticism | Abominable

Abominable is the new job of DreamWorks in partnership with Pearl Studio, directed by Jill Culton (The Bug Will Catch) and Todd Wilderman (Every one in his house).

Yi is a Chinese teenager, who finds an injured creature on the roof of the building where she lives, despite the initial fear and strangeness, they manage to find a way to communicate, mainly with the help of music, that Yi plays on his violin. The creature is a Yeti being chased by Dr. Zara, a zoologist, at the behest of Burnish, a man with ambitions to have the most exotic animals in the world, which leads Yi and the Yeti to flee with Jin's help. and Peng, her friends, whom she left after the loss of her father.

Crítica | Abominável 1
Abominable | DreamWorks

Music plays an important role in animation and is not just an accompaniment to the scenes, but one of the driving forces of the feature, bringing deep feelings to the characters, those that sometimes words cannot explain. Maybe that's why Everest the Yeti doesn't need to speak, his communication is purer than that.

The story does not have a complex background and full of plots, it is simple, and for this reason that captivates, with well-placed jokes that bring a certain laugh, like other DreamWorks productions, they get it right when they use “less is more” in the script, focusing well on the main idea of each character and the story itself.

Crítica | Abominável 2
Abominable | DreamWorks

Concerned with details of animation and soundtrack, which enchant and bring a special tone to the film, with exuberant scenes that perfectly fit sound and image, Abominable becomes an excellent option for adults and children, which will captivate regardless of age.

Brazilian dubbing has Mharessa, Carmen Sheila, Arthur Salermo and Charles Emmanuel.

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Caring about animation details and soundtrack, Abominable enchants and becomes an excellent option for adults and children, which will captivate everyone.


  1. I thought this movie was beautiful, since the trailer I wanted to see it. In fact, the plot is quite simple, but it deals with a subject so complex that it is mourning and our idea of family. I found the way they approached both subjects and the special effects very delicate, even if there are more modern ones, in this film it helps to enrich the empathy for the characters. I found the film captivating and very enjoyable to watch.


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