Abominable is the DreamWorks’ new work in a partnership with Pearl Studio, directed by Jill Culton (Open Season) and Todd Wilderman (Home).

Yi (Chloe Bennet) is a Chinese teenager who finds an injured creature on the roof of the building she lives in. Despite her initial fear and estrangement, she can find a way to communicate, especially with the help of music, which Yi plays on her violin. The creature is a Yeti, who is being chased by Dr. Zara (Sarah Paulson), a zoologist, by Burnish (Eddie Izzard) commands, a man who has the ambitions to have the most exotic animals in the world, this leads to Yi and the Yeti fleeing with Jin’s (Tenzing Norway) and Peng’s (Albert Tsai) help, her friends, whom she left after the loss of her father.

Abominável | DreamWorks

Music plays an important role in this animation and it is not just a follow-up of the scenes, but one of the main forces of it, bringing deep feelings to the characters, the ones that words sometimes cannot explain. Maybe that’s the reason Everest, the Yeti, doesn’t need to talk, his communication is purer than that.

The story doesn’t have a complex, plot-filled background, it’s simple, and that’s why it captivates, with well-placed jokes that bring the right laugh, like other DreamWorks productions, they get it right when they use the “less is more” in the script, focusing well on the main idea of ​​each character and the story itself.

Abominável | DreamWorks

Worrying about the animation itself and the soundtrack details that enchants and bring a special tone to the movie, with extraordinary scenes that perfectly merge sound and image, Abominable becomes a great choice for adults and children, which will captivate regardless of age.


  1. Achei esse filme lindo, desde o trailer já queria ver. De fato, a trama é bem simples, mas trata de um assunto tão complexo que é o luto e a nossa ideia de família. Achei muito delicada a forma com que abordaram os dois assuntos e os efeitos especiais, mesmo que haja outros mais modernos, nesse filme ele ajuda a enriquecer a empatia pelos personagens. Achei o filme cativante e muito gostoso de assistir.


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