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Discovering yourself as a non-heterosexual person is a process that involves a lot of anguish, fear and in not so rare cases, rejection that comes from friends to family, being accepted by other people is a desire of all those who have not yet come out. , and in the case of Bill, leads to a reflection that becomes text and illustration.

Bringing the image of clouds and rain as a metaphor, the internal transformation process resembles the meteorological, a cloud appears on the horizon bringing a drizzle that becomes a rain that grows until it becomes a storm, it goes through a brief period of drought until we can see what all this has left us, and in Acumulus it is not just a Rainbow, but the lightness that so many people LQBTQIA+ look for on their walks.

Like many people in the 90s, the image of the gay available in the media was the comic, the character to laugh about. Outside of that environment, it was a reason for shame, violence and being wrong, a deviation, something to be avoided at all costs. The development during adolescence and the search to fit the pattern, hiding whatever is different is what most LGBTQIA+ people have gone through and this identification in such a direct way is what was needed at that time and that today, little by little will be filled with a national production that talks about the afflictions that so many have gone through, go through and that so many others will go through.

Resenha | Acumulus 1
Accumulation | Gui V. Almeida | Veranda Publisher

accumulate has a special charm as it combines the text with illustrations and comics, its confessional tone gives the impression of reading a diary very well elaborated and colorful, the kind in which the artist sometimes writes because it is necessary to put out his thoughts, but when words escape, they turn into drawings that do not need words to explain the depth of feelings and there is the incorporation of both. , which transports the reader into the scene.

Bill he took his own story from within his heart so that others could read and identify themselves, showing that despite all the bad weather that happened, in the end something beautiful awaits us, especially when we understand that there are many things left unsaid in each of us, that when we close in on ourselves, we stop seeing who is supporting us and, above all, that each person is going through an internal process at all times.

The project was conceived through crowdfunding in the Catharsis with the Publisher Balcony, a publisher independent who thought of the smallest details to bring this work, wishing that even in times of distance accumulate could approach even more people.

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