Opening the 5th Ciranda de Filmes that takes place from May 23 to May 26, the movie Amazon Groove enchants us from beginning to end. Bruno Murtinho’s first feature documentary shows the charms of the Amazon and its involvement with music.

The opening scene takes us to the center of the Amazon Forest, with sounds that come from the nature, from Amazon River flow sounds, through the birds’ songs and even the falling leaves, leading the viewer to feel part of that location. The excellent capturing sounds helps setting this mood, and this quality is seen and heard throughout the film.

How many songs fit inside the Amazon River? What do these sounds represent? Music, culture, art and religion are entwined as we pass through several artists from the region of Pará. Since Mestre Damasceno, singer and composer who lost his sight after an accident, he rejoices in spreading happiness and feelings through his music, until Gina Lobrista, with her tecnobrega music.

We meet several local people, who play the most diverse musical styles, with an influence of the Bolero, that was introduced during the War, Brazilian folk elements such as the traditions of Bumba Meu Boi and Catimbó, and the mixture with trendy sounds and tecnobrega music, which was invented in Pará around the 2000s.

With an incomparable beauty, a rich soundtrack, Amazonia Groove brings us closer to the north of Brazil and shows us how much cultural richness we find there, as it is a region full of great artistis, music, poetry and surrounded by a unique nature.

Winner of the ZEISS Cinematography Award at SXSW last year, the documentary is also in the agenda of the 5th Ciranda de Filmes that can be checked on the website, this year the festival will also go to other Brazilian capitals.


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